Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Prepper's Survival Retreats (REVIEW)

Molly Conway, with Ulysses Press, reached out to me about reviewing a new prepper book, and sharing it with my Blogger friends.

Prepper's Survival Retreats: Your Strategic Relocation Plan for an Uncertain Future
The new book, written by Charley Hogwood, Prepper's Survival Retreats:  Your Strategic Relocation Plan for an Uncertain Future.  Published by Ulysses Press, Copyright 2018, Pages 168, Cost $15.95 U.S., ISBN: 978-1-61243-726-2, and Library of Congress CN 2017938177.

Prepper's Survival Retreats: Your Strategic Relocation Plan for an Uncertain Future is a quick read; the book provides guidance on making the ultimate decision when relocating to a long term survival retreat. 

Charley Hogwood lays out, "Eight Main Areas of Survival" all of which apply to anyone surviving and living in an urban, rural, or suburban environment. He suggests before making a decision to relocate or move, to consider creating a plan, complete a budget, and address the needs of your family and animals involved in the potential move process. Charley Hogwood's perspective and writings are based on his experience in the military, construction industry, and as a commercial and residential inspector. Charley provides direct resources, facts, considerations, education, and the basic needs of what to look for when making a sound platform change.  I would recommend this book as a great source not just to the Prepper looking to relocate to a retreat, but to the first time home buyer.

Charley Hogwood has also authored:  The Survival Group Handbook and MAGS: The People Part of Prepping:  How to Plan, Build, and Organize a Mutual Assistance Group in a Survival Situation.




  1. The book looks interesting mostly because it's new and hopefully has new ideas, not old info that's been re-published.
    I did just buy a copy from Amazon for $11.

  2. I heard this book was coming out. I think Amazon had some add on one of my web pages, based on their reading everything I read. Looks pretty good. I'm already set , but somebody just starting out might get good use out of it.

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