Monday, January 16, 2017

Snow, Birds, Dogs, Machines, & Give-Away

Over the last week we picked up a little snow and ice.  Not as much as the local news station forecast-ed.  Two inches, at most, was dumped over in our area and we’re okay with it, because it wasn’t as bad as what was predicted.   We found a bird, dead in the snow, lying upside down on the roof.

Beans, our dog, wasn’t too happy because his belly was dragging in the snow when he went out to do his business.  We tried putting a sweater on Beans but he wouldn’t have it.   

Here’s a prime example of how a Chihuahua acts when he/she doesn’t want to wear a sweater; or do what you want them to, they give you major attitude. 

Video from You Tube by: Reagon Armbruster


We love having a food saver machine to help with preserving and packing foods.  About 4 years ago, we purchased a residential machine over the internet, during the holidays, at a really good price.  The machine is still working, but not as efficient as it used to be. 

Before the last hunting season (around Thanksgiving time) Cabela’s was having a sale on commercial-grade food saver machines.  We picked up one with some extra rolls of plastic.  This came in handy when processing my husband’s 8 point buck.


I also picked up a powered pressure cooker at the local Walmart for our RV; I always wanted one, and it was the perfect time to snatch one up with holiday sales.  Being that our RV was in the shop for warranty work, I used the pressure cooker at home to cook a roast and vegetables, everything came out really nice.  This pressure cooker is large enough for cooking on the road or at home.  You can even process your canning jars in this machine.  I haven’t tried this because I have a very large pressure canner at home already. 

Tomorrow evening, I will be posting a give-away I’m sponsoring, and one person will be the lucky winner.   Please come back and visit me tomorrow evening and register for the give-away.



  1. hey Gurlie....just saw on the news about all the ice. I hope it wasnt too bad for you guys.
    In addition to our food saver, we have the mason jar attachments..that way a person can seal dry goods too. I have been thinking about the digital pressure cooker is it user friendly?

    1. JUGM,

      We were blessed, the ice was very light. Most of the severe stuff was north of us.

      I have the mason jar attachments as well, and the marinating containers use them, not as often as I do the bags.

      Every prepared person I think should have this great appliance. It can be used not just for food, personal property, collectibles, first aid, etc.

      Senior, Agreed!!!!

  2. an 8-point buck? me and jambaloney are drooling! Sweet Sandy - you will love this....i got an instapot for xmas and it's not even out of the box yet - bahahahahah! look it up if you haven't heard about it....apparently it can do your canning, make rice in 10 mins, cook a roast in just over an hour....and it can babysit your children!!!!!

    anyway - so glad that you got a good feed of meat for the year, can't wait to hear of more stories in the RV (we need more pics of the inside of the beast)! and sending you all much love! oh and you would love our friend charlene who we visited the other day - she puts sweaters AND little lights on her 2 shitzus when they go out - it's hysterically funny!

    sending so much love your way! your friend,

    1. Kymber,

      Yes an 8 point buck!!! Perfect to fill the freezer with meat to eat throughout the year.

      Never heard it called the instapot, that's what were calling the electric pressure cooker. I love it, and have only used it once. I can already picture many meals made with it. Can't use it as an example on baby sitting :PPPP all my kids are grown up.

      I'll send you an e-mail on the pictures. Check your e-mail in the next day or so.

      How cute, your friend dressing her dogs with sweaters and lights. We just wanted Beans to be warm when he went out. That little stinker growled, and refused to let me dress him. I told him, okay you'll just have to deal with the cold when I take you out.

      Sending love to you and Jam.

  3. I'm really glad pressure cookers are becoming popular once again. My grandmother used her's all the time and I recently found a small stove-top one at a thrift shop. Great way to cook meat and beans!

    Nice about the food saver and the venison!

    1. Leigh,

      I love my large canning pressure cooker, it's so easy to work, and holds all kinds of canning jars.
      This electric crock pot will work really good out in the RV when we travel.

      I'm always saying everyone should have a food saver machine. When freezing it sure saves you money so your not wasting food. I also save my seeds using the foods saver machine.

  4. DH got one for himself last year and liked it so much he got one for his brother. Both of them rave about them! And we have had no trouble eating anything DH has cooked in the power pressure cooker. Enjoy! Hope you didn't get hit with the ice storm. DH was visiting a friend in eastern OK and said it poured rain.

    1. Suz,

      We love this pressure cooker, my main reason for wanting it was to cook in the RV. This way we would have little mess, and we can leave it cook by it's self. The roast and veggies came out real tender, I can see using this pressure cooker often.

      We are south of central Oklahoma City, and lucked out on the weather. Had a little ice, lots of rain, some snow (last week). The severe stuff hit up north in Oklahoma, the ice made a real mess of some small towns.

  5. Hey Sandy,
    What's up with the RV that needs warranteed work?

    1. Mike,

      Our RV has been in the shop since December 3rd. Yes, it needed warranty work on the large pop outs. You know how warranty work goes.....slow as molasses. The rubber seals on both the large pop outs were only glued in three places, not the entire seal. Therefore, the seals have been pulled away from the walls (NOT GOOD). Also one of the motors is not functioning properly. There's also a few other minor things. We received a call from the shop advising the rep. looked at the problems, took pictures, and ordered parts. These parts were suppose to be delivered on the 15th. I'm sure the weather caused delays, we should hear something this week on where they stand. If not, we will be going up to talk with them.

    2. Mike,
      We received a call this evening, the RV warranted work is finally done. We can pickup the RV tomorrow!!!!!

  6. It must be the year to get electric pressure canners. We bought one as well, love it! Oh & great job on the 8 point. Have you tried canning the tougher cuts of venison? I hear it's great.

    1. DFW,

      Yes, it's the year for electric pressure canners :-)
      I haven't tried canning this deer yet. Will try later during the year. All of the meat was processed, and put in the freezer. I also want to make some venison jerky.

  7. A food saver is on my wish list! Wow! An 8 point buck is quite the thing! I had to laugh at that video - my Pepperoni (mini doxie) feels the same way about sweaters. I knit one for him, put it on and he spent the next half hour squeezing out of it and then shredded it for good measure!

    1. Susan,

      Food savers will save you all kinds of money in freezer burned food. It also works great for my crocheting projects as well :-)

      Sweet Pepperoni puts up with Momma putting a sweeter on him. We just want to make sure our furbies don't get cold..... Beans just doesn't understand that, he thinks it's better to growl and show teeth (and be a stubborn little $(*t!