Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Decluttering The Garage, and Family/Living Room

Bulldog Man and I’ve been working on going through our garage, cleaning things out, to make more open space and workable room.  The garage happens to not only be the place where I do our laundry, it’s a place used for many functions; storing oversized equipment, tools, camping gear, leather works, and reloading supplies.  

On Saturday, we ended up hauling items such as a pair of lamps, critter cart, cooler, books, movies, stuffed animals, metal bowls, utensils, and an old air compressor to the end of our driveway with a sign, “Free Just Take”.  Everything went; we didn’t have to donate the items.  We also hauled off 4 large contractor bags of stuff to the dump.  The garage is really starting to look good.

On the subject of cleaning, I’m also clearing out a loveseat, coffee table, and a leather recliner from inside our home.  I’ve decided to donate them to Habitat for Humanity; this organization does a lot for the local families in our community.  
Recliner not pictured.

There’s nothing better than getting spring cleaning done before working on this season’s garden. 

Have you started your spring cleaning, or garden planting?


  1. Oh gosh, you're so right, Sandy. Now is the time to get all that cleaning, organizing, decluttering done inside before we're all living outside nearly 20 hours a day!

    It's remarkable how much "stuff" we accumulate that we can get by without, isn't it? Geesh.

    1. Mama Pea,

      Yes Ma'am it is amazing how much stuff we accumulate. Susan got me started.....LOL

  2. Garden, yes, but spring cleaning, umm. Well, everything hinges on getting the goat barn built. We're storing this and rearranging that with the idea that once the barn gets built I can sort everything out. :)

    1. Leigh,

      In time you'll get everything sorted out. Right now priorities rule the roost. And your priority is the goat barn :-)

  3. Trying Ma'am, trying. Workbench is now clean in the garage but now I need to work my way back through the garage. Always hard to get rid of things, at least here.

    Garden is now cleaning up for the Spring. Just need to get a tad more into April and then we are good to go.

    1. Toirhealbheach,

      And you'll get there one thing at a time.
      Thank you for stopping by :-)

  4. Oh honey good for you guys doing all the spring cleaning.I can concur though..we have been cleaning out my FILs old trailer and I have lost count of the bags we have hauled to the dump, also donated quite a bit and sold a fewthings.Fortunantly we got most everything cleaned out.

    Much love to you guys!

    1. JUGM,

      Don't you feel like you've accomplished a lot after getting most everything cleaned out? It makes you feel really good :-) Good Job!!!
      Much love to you and yours.

  5. Sweet Sandy - when we were back in the city and getting ready to move i gave 200 books to the value village. 200 books!!! and still ended up with 76 bankers boxes of books that we brought here - all mostly encyclopaedia sets and how-to books, gardening, homesteading, root cellaring, etc.

    we also put a whole pile of stuff at the end of the driveway and put the "for free" sign up. we were in the backyard not 10 mins later (naked of course) when we could hear someone banging on the front door. jam threw on a shirt and shorts and went out and a lady was asking were we really giving away a 32 inch zenith. jam said yes...he said it was old and it was one of those big tv's (not a flat screen). we already had a flat screen so the zenith was just an extra taking up space. jam told the lady that he would put it in the car for her - the thing weighed 2 million pounds! she was teary-eyed and tried to pay him money but he wouldn't take it. she said that she had to sell a pile of stuff in order to pay for vet bills for her dog. isn't that lovely?

    now that have the new shed we've been able to put a lot of stuff that we want to keep but don't have room for - so we've been doing some serious de-cluttering the last few months. as for cleaning - bahahahahahahahah! i'll just leave it at that!

    our snow is all gone but we are expecting to get dumped on with a foot of snow on tuesday and wednesday. it's gonna suck having to look at that much snow again....but it will melt and we'll be planting in the greenhouse this week.

    anyway, long enough comment eh? sending love to you all! your friend,

    1. Sweet Kymber,
      Like you, I only give - away or donate books we no longer use. Any books we keep we use for resources/reference stay stashed on book shelves throughout our house.

      You two were very sweet to help the little lady out. They say pay it forward, you and Jambaloney do this often to help your neighbors and friends.

      De-cluttering and cleaning is our mission here!!! I'm tied of fighting with dust and bunnies if you know what I mean.....Bahahahahahha!!!

      Be careful with the upcoming snow, and stay warm and safe.

      Sending hugs and love to you both.

  6. Isn't it a wonderful feeling when you can see open space? I am going to be rehoming my sofa next year and going for a futon. In the hopes that all the seat cushions won't be plowed to the floor every five minutes by the dogs!

    1. Susan,

      Oh Susan, It's just amazing how much open space we now have. Keep your sofa until your ready to get rid of it, then go for your dreams. We bought a leather loveseat (something small) this way we can move around in the family/living room. Now I'm going to put something up on the loveseat so the dog stays off of it. He's not going to be happy with me.....such is life :-)

  7. Wonderful things accomplished. It's nice when something you no longer need finds a good home.

    You will be energized with all the space. Enjoy.