Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Tornado On The Ground!!!

Tornado warnings, sirens getting ready to go off.  Storm building,and becoming strong with multiple tornadoes creating a large tornado.... any Blogger friends in the area please go to your storm shelters.   I’m going to my shelter folks (closet) please say your prayers for Oklahoma.



  1. You and all in the path are in my prayers.

  2. May God protect you in the strength of His embrace!

  3. Sweet Sandy aka Brat Angel - i know that you KNOW what to do and how to care for your family and Little Beans! i don't know if you will see this message before you get in the closet but just know that 2 nekkid canadians are praying for you and yours and everyone who is in the path of this tornado. as soon as you are able to please let us know that you are ok. until then, we are with you in the closet!

    we love you gurl! your friends,
    kymber and jambaloney

  4. Just sent you an email when I saw on the news, watching now. Sending thoughts your direction!!!

  5. Wish you could figure out some inexpensive storm shelter. Even a 20 foot container burmed up on all sides with soil would keep it in place.

  6. Gives me a sick feeling in my stomach just hearing of this. Please let us know when the awful weather has passed and that you are safe. Saying a prayer for all of you in the affected area. Stay safe!

  7. Since I live in an Ally state myself I am allowed to point out that you are too far South to need to worry about falling houses :)

    However I think cows and pickup trucks are a concern. Or were the cows in Missouri?

  8. Please let us know when all is well. Blessings, Fern

  9. Gail, Thank you, prayers are needed with this weather coming through the entire weekend.

    Rev. Paul, Thank you, we do need his embrace!!

    Kymber, My Sweet Naked Friend, were okay and sitting in closet. Beans is not happy!!!
    1st Man, Thank you for your thoughts, sent you an e-mail response.

    Buttons, In my safe place, thank you for your thoughts.

    Mike Yukon, Right now my safe place is the closet. Maybe in the future we will dig one big hole :-)
    Mama Pea, It makes me sick to my stomach too. We are expecting bad weather through Sunday. The weather people are saying all heck is going to break out on Saturday. Thank you for your prayers.

    Pioneer Preppy, I wish I was to far south and homes weren't falling or being destroyed. But were not! We hunkered down and stayed safe, more storms coming. You and your family stay safe!!! It sure feels like were making part 2 of Twister the movie.
    Frank and Fern, The weather calmed after midnight. Expecting more bad weather today through Sunday. Thank you for your blessings and prayers. Y'all be safe too!!!