Monday, March 16, 2015

Carolyn This One Is For You

On my previous post, I mentioned we ordered a part to fix our free digital camera.  The part arrived; Bulldog Man got to work removing the broken old part, and replaced it with the new part.  This fix was quick and very inexpensive……meaning: we didn’t have to buy a new camera. 

New Part

Broken piece and little pieces found.

Fixed Button.
Every week, I usually bake off a beef roast, ham, or a turkey; to cut thin with our meat cutter to make our own lunch meat.  This week we selected a ham.  We coated the ham with brown sugar and crushed pineapple.  OMG… about good!  The guys were happy to have homemade sandwiches with our own meat instead of the old processed lunch meat from the grocery store.  

I took the picture to late, Bulldog Man started to clean the slicer.

We recently picked up a couple of new bird feeders from Lowe’s while in town.  As you can see here, the squirrels are having a field day with one of the new feeders.  I’m thinking it’s time to fix this problem and maybe have fried squirrel for dinner……..what do you think?

I love to use tires for planting my potatoes.  As we all know, tires hold water unless you cut the side walls off of them.  In order to do this, you need to puncture the sidewall with something sharp, or an electrical tool (like a drill) with a spade bit attached. After puncturing the tire with a wide punch mark, insert the blade of a Sawzall to cut the sidewall off.  This is a tedious, time consuming, and back breaking process; but in the end your potatoes will grow and not rot. 

More to Cut.
This past weekend, Bulldog Man, Tank, and I removed the old garden fencing with the bamboo; because it really didn’t hold up as we expected.  This fencing will be chopped up and hauled off to the dump.  As for the remaining T-posts, they’ll be reused.  
Beans Investigating Some Pieces of the Old Fencing.

We had decided this year’s garden was going to be doubled in size.  That is, until we realized we would be dealing with some things we can’t control, like a sick parent (mother), and upcoming surgery for Bulldog Man. 
We ended up increasing the garden size, but not doubling it.  Bulldog Man pulled out his handy dandy measuring tape, marked off where the T-posts would be placed.   Tank and I pounded the T-posts in to their new locations.  As I cut the overgrown grass where the old fence used to be, Bulldog Man and Tank wired feedlot panels to T-posts and now we have a fenced in, expanded garden.

My lettuce seeds have already starting growing.  It will be nice once again to have fresh lettuce in our salads in a matter of a couple of weeks.

Once lettuce seedlings get larger, I will thin the bed.
While at our local Atwood’s Ranch store, I picked up several small pots of organic purple cabbage to plant in one of our garden beds.   As soon as you walk into the store you knew they had baby chicks for sale.  All that was heard was a constant chirping. I so wanted to head back to where the chicks were and surprise Bulldog Man with a couple of baby chicks, but I changed my mind.



  1. You've got a lot going on out there. I guess now the good weather is here you'll both be working dawn to dusk. I hope you can still get away to do a little fishing now and then. I liked that camera. I need to replace my ancient digital camera.

    1. Harry,

      This is that time of year when everything needs done. We will work from dawn to dusk. Fishing is my way to relax and get rid of any stress. We will continue to go fishing, and enjoy being outside within mother nature. This Sony camera is a great camera, we've not had any problems with it until now. The problem was easily fixed.

  2. Definitely sounds as though the busy time has already started around your place. I had a cute red "lantern" bird feeder much like yours . . . but the dang squirrels wrecked it immediately. This made me so mad because they have several other places to get at the seeds without damaging anything. Dang squirrels.

    Hoping your summer goes well, even with those two "difficulties" you have to deal with.

    1. Mama Pea,

      Yes Ma'am!!! Just wait, your busy time will be there before you know it :-)
      These squirrels act like their possessed with this red lantern feeder. I wander if they're the same squirrel from your place??

      Thank you Mama Pea, I'm praying both difficulties go well.

  3. Oh no, go back and get those chicks! You'll thank me later! We just love the little buggers. Glad the garden plot is expanded and boy do we understand being too busy to get all that we want accomplished.

    I've never had fried squirrel, but if he was bothering my bird feeders I might just learn how it's done!

    1. Izzy,

      I would go back to the store and buy all the baby chicks, they're so adorable, and fun to watch. Right now with the upcoming surgery for Bulldog Man and medical issues with my Mom it will make it very difficult to take care of the chicks.

      The squirrels are really beating up this poor little lantern feeder. I've never seen so many large squirrels around here. I'm getting ready to fry me some squirrel :-)

  4. Dinner was right there in your back yard girl! LOL...Fried squirrel is really yummy...fry it like chicken! Processing is pretty easy...somwhere on my blog I have a post about it....Glad to see your garden is expanding it is so nice to have fresh food from your own backyard....its a great feeling of accomplishment!

    Why did you change your mind on the chicks?

    I need to get me soon and we can catch up!

    Big Hugs from my part of the state!

    1. HL,

      Yes, dinner is!!!! I've never had fried squirrel, and when it's time to fry these babies up I will refer back to your blog for the recipe.

      Thank you, our garden is expanding but not as much as we wanted.
      I didn't buy the chicks because of Bulldog Mans upcoming surgery, and my Mom's medical issues of driving back and forth to TX. I would hate to bring these little ones home and not be able to dedicate the time needed to take care of them right now. That doesn't mean we've given up totally on bring chicks to our home. We will once things calm down.

      Sending hugs to you and yours. I'll give you a call in the next couple of days.

  5. Good for you on fixing the camera & not having to buy a new one! We have a squirrel problem here in the city. But our cats pretty much make sure they don't get in the bird feeders. They picked all the rose blooms off my In-Laws' knockout roses.Didn't eat them just picked them off. And, that ham looks so good! A meat slicer is on my Craig's List list of items to search for now.

    1. DFW,

      Were so happy the camera was fixable and we didn't have to buy a new one. Squirrels can be mean that way. Good thing your cats chase off the squirrels at your place.

      I love our meat slicer. I used it for meats, vegetables, and bread. Hopefully, you'll find one on Craigslist soon!!


    ok. sorry for all of the yelling i am just pretty excited that it didn't take me 3 days of yelling and screaming. it only took about 5 mins - woohoo!

    anyway - i am glad that you got your camera parts and that it works. i will be back in a bit with a better comment - jam is yelling for me to sand the walkway to the basement now that he has shovelled it out. i'll be back later this eve to leave a proper comment but i just wanted to say thanks to my Brat Angel! much love hon! xoxox

    your friend,

    1. Sweet Kymber,

      I'm so happy to hear importing your blogroll worked, and made it much easier than having to enter each blog manually one at a time. NP about yelling, lol.....

      Were happy the camera was fixable and we didn't have to grow a money tree to buy another one Bahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

      Now go sand your walkway and don't slip and slide. I can't believe you still have ice and snow. Hopefully soon you'll have TOTAL signs of spring.......meaning no more snow or ice.

      Sending hugs and love to you and Jam.
      Your Friend.......Brat Angel

  7. I always chuckle anytime I see squirrels raiding bird feeders. Squirrels are so pesky but so ingenious! Bravo on fixing your camera. Given built-in obsolescence and the promotion of disposability in this country, I didn't think it was possible to fix anything like that! Your garden is looking good too. :)

    1. Leigh,

      Squirrels are very ingenious when looking for food. Companies today no long make merchandise to outlive us, items are made to be disposable. Companies would rather we not fix a broken item, just purchase a new one. In my house we try to fix what is broken or recycle it to make something else before tossing it, and buying another. It's a shame for the manufactures because they don't really make money off of my family.

  8. I am a bit late......fried squirrel yum! Looks like things are moving along. How is your momma doin?
    Bulldog be careful...dont overdue it!
    Take care you two....

    1. M.E.,

      You're not late :)

      The squirrel needs to watch out because he will be fried up if he doesn't stop going after my feeders. Fried squirrel will be a first for our family.
      My Mom isn't doing well at all, and she's in denial.
      Bulldog Man is being real careful. Tank and I won't let him do any of the hard work here on the homestead.
      Thanks, you take care too.
      Hugs to you and Mtn Man

  9. Squirrel pot pie is my FAVORITE! And you can feed it to other "unsuspecting" guests and just call it Pot Pie and no one will be the wiser!
    Hope you and your family are doing better and don't remember to take a break or two (and sharpen your .22 shooting skills for those pot pies!)

    1. Carolyn,

      Great idea!!! I love surprising guests with things they wouldn't eat :-) (evil grin)!!!!
      We are doing better, thank you.

      I have my 22 ready for those sneak squirrels.