Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It's All About The Bait

Bulldog Man and I’ve been fishing the trout season; just about every weekend in OKC, at Dolese Pond. This trout season we caught absolutely nothing.   While at the pond, we learned from the other fishermen, that this year’s stock of fish came from Nebraska, not Missouri as in the previous years.  

We would always start to fish at 5AM.  We would drop our lines with bait and wait for hours.  The process of feeding the line with bait became a pattern. 

Both Bulldog Man and I noticed; we never once felt the fish hit the hook, take the bait, or pull the line.  Was it all……. about the bait?
We changed up bait several times.  The pole never moved, and the line never tightened; but yet the trout would take the bait… I guess it was all about our bait!!!

The trout seemed to love the garlic marshmallow Power Bait in chartreuse, or pink with glitter, or the dough. 

This year’s trout catch……………….ZERO!!!!! 

Remember, it’s all about the bait…. not that hook, line, or treble…….

Bulldog Man and I were a bit disappointed, because we both rely on fish as a food source, and trout is our favorite fish.    We discussed changing up our fishing plans, and decided on going out to a couple other water spots to make sure we catch trout this year.

The bright side, our time together is never wasted when we go on these fishing trips.  We always find time to just enjoy this beautiful earth, water, wildlife, and each other…..and to top it off….we always get to relax and leave all of our stress during the week behind.  Life is good! 

When was the last time you slowed down, and enjoyed what’s right in front of you?


  1. oh Sweet Sandy - i am sorry that you didn't get any trout this year! i'll get jam to send you an email with more details about what he uses. he usually goes fishing early in the morning like you do, that's why we always have fresh trout for breakfast during the season. he'll also walk around casting when we have our river days while i suntan and just enjoy listening to the water. we both love being at the river as well as the ocean. jam really loves swimming in the ocean because it is still very new to him. i love it too!

    much love to you and yours always! from one Angel to another - bahahahahah! your friend,

    1. Sweet Kymber,

      We love heading out early in the morning, that's usually when we catch out fish. The fish from Nebraska just didn't like anyone's bait. Only 1 person caught a fish the entire season fishing up there. It really surprises me, and makes me wonder if the state stocked trout in this pond this year.
      Suntanning huh!!!!! Yes, that's my friend catching sun rays :-)
      Swimming in the ocean is all kinds of fun, just watch out for shark and stingrays.....oh yay, and those annoying jelly fish.
      Love to you and Jam.
      You friend and angel (aka trouble) bahahahahahaha!!!!!

  2. Although we're new at slowing down and enjoying what's right in front of us (some folks are dumber than others!), we've been learning how to do just that this winter. I know I'm sleeping better when I don't go at top speed all day long, every day.

    Here's hoping you can still get some trout. I agree with you that there isn't anything much more relaxing than sitting still, in the quiet of nature, on the water. (Sitting still, in the quiet of nature, on water frozen solid in -20 degree temps just doesn't do the same thing for me though. Hey, it's winter in northern Minnie-soda! No offense to all the dyed-in-the-wool ice fishermen up here.)

    1. Mama Pea,

      It's 26 degree's here girlie and we still bundle up and go fishing. The temperatures usually will warm to 40's by the time were done fishing for the day.
      As we get older we find it difficult to slow down and really appreciate all that around us. We actually have to "Make" ourselves slow down. Then we appreciate everything, and sleep extremely well at night. Sometimes so well you don't want to crawl out of bed :-)

  3. Agree, time spent together is NEVER wasted time. Hope the trout bite harder this year.

    1. DFW,

      We just love spending time together. I believe we're going to Roman Nose Park to attempt to fish for trout or maybe back to the Illinois River.

  4. I wish we had trout down here. I love fishing for them.

    1. MDR,

      Trout fishing is so much fun. The only place I'm aware of in Texas that has trout is the Guadalupe River (close to Austin). Have you checked with the state to see if they bring trout in to certain ponds/rivers over the winter for a special fishing period?