Friday, January 30, 2015

Screwing our Military AGAIN!!!!!

Our government has established a commission designed to make changes involving our military (active and retired) benefits and pay.  If you’re in the military or have retired, I suggest you read this article and be aware of the suggested changes.  Then write your congressmen because this is not going to be good for those who have served this country.

Article source: Military Times

Commission calls for abolishing Tricare
“Under the recommendations, active-duty members and mobilized reserve component members still would receive medical care from the U.S. military, with easier access to specialty care in the civilian sector if they need it.
But their family members, and retirees under 65 and their family members, would receive health care through commercial insurers, similar to the plans run under the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program.”  Read this article here.



  1. Oh, no!!!! This frustrates me and I'm not military.

    Maybe if enough speak up, it will make a difference.

    1. Gail,

      It frustrates me because this will affect my family.
      We can only hope.

  2. In other words they are going to try and force obamacare on the retirees.... OMG!
    first they don't want to give veterans jobs, now they want this! I am telling ya what!!! darn sure I am writing Lindsay Graham... All this country does is screw over those who served it...

    Thanks for sharing...

    1. JUGM,

      Yes, retiree's under the age of 65. We're writing ours too!!!
      The military fight for the freedom of this country, and this is how they treat our military Veteran's.

    2. well they are screwing over the Active duty as well. It was rumored when we were still active about a co-pay at the base pharmacies.These low enlisted families with kids, makes beans as it is, more and more are having to turn to welfare, now add in a medical premium for dependents? It is like this administration is doing as much as it can with the little time it has left, to leave far reaching destruction that I doubt even the next President could fix..

  3. JUGM,

    Yes Ma'am, it's true. This administration hasn't done one thing to help our military and their families.

  4. Our military and their families do not deserve such treatment!! Makes me sad..

  5. Those who control our government are going to do whatever they can to squeeze every single dollar out of us all. I'm afraid it's going to get worse and worse and worse. Let's all hope and pray it someday gets better. In the meantime, many of us are going to suffer. It seems there is no common sense or morality left in the controlling factor. So, so sad in our country and society today.

  6. Dan is former military and so disgusted with the treatment of our active duty and veterans. And it only gets worse. When we tried for a VA loan for a house, the requirements were so steep so that only a perfect house would qualify, and where are you going to find one of those?!?!? This administration, particularly, seems to be as anti-American as they come.