Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Kindness……Let’s Pay It Forward

A young cancer patient, Andrew Russell, from Point, Texas, has a wish.  That wish; to receive Christmas cards.  Enough cards to keep his mail box full and a smile on his face, while going through chemotherapy treatments. Check out his story over at a friend’s blog Texan.   After reading his story, and locating his Face Book site, I took a few minutes to make out a Christmas card, because I want to continue to see a smile on Andrew’s face.    Blogger friends, this young man doesn’t ask for much.  I ask you to pay it forward, and make this young man smile….. send him a Christmas card……Bless you all, his mailing address is: 

Andrew Russell
PO Box 365
Point, TX 75472

Source: Local Texas news WFAA Channel 8
 & Face Book

After returning from Texas, Bulldog Man took me for a coffee in town at Starbucks located in a strip mall.  They have a new holiday coffee out called Chestnut Praline Latte…..OMG……it’s just totally awesome.  If you haven’t tried it and like Chestnuts, give it a shot. 
While walking through the strip mall, on the outside we came across a horse drawn cart, offering rides through the mall, to adults and children.  In front of a restaurant, Santa Clause sitting on his thrown, talking to little ones, and off in a distance you could hear Christmas Carolers singing the First Noel.


  It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!


  1. What a great idea to send that young man Christmas cards. This is what Christmas should be about!

    1. Leigh,

      It is a great idea, and it's not costly what so ever.
      We should give of ourselves to help others.

  2. I will get a card out to that young fella. I need to mail Sf some tobacco seeds anyway so a trip to the PO is in order regardless.

    Did you sit on Santa's lap?

    1. PP,

      Thank you my friend, this young man needs a smile. He's had it hard.
      Nope I didn't sit on Santa's lap...........didn't want to break it, lol......

  3. A card will be in the mail tomorrow!

    1. Mike,

      Your card will put a smile on Andrew's face, thank you.

  4. Great pictures.

    Card is written and ready to go out tomorrow.

  5. Thanks Sandy I have written down the address and will get that card off today. HUGS B

    1. Buttons,

      Thank you so much, Merry Christmas!!!

  6. Sweet Sandy - how thoughtful of you to do this post! we will send a card and hopefully that young man will get it by february! i think he will enjoy getting a card from canada because of a friend in Oklahoma sending out his address! and i am glad that you enjoyed your coffee! much love always!

    your friend,

    1. Sweet Kymber,

      Andrew will love getting your card even in February. These cards put a smile on his face and help get him through this tough time.

      The coffee was amazing and a nice treat!!!

  7. I'm going to write a card to Andrew as soon as I sign off here. What a beautiful gesture for you to make us aware of his situation. The true Christmas spirit!

    I'd love to try that new Starbuck's coffee . . . but I'd have to go nearly 130 miles to the nearest Starbuck's so it's probably not going to happen. (Wonder if that flavor is only being promoted in "the south" or if they'd have it way up north here, too?)