Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Wheels and Deals

This past weekend, Bulldog Man and I went to an estate sale, and a few yard sales.  I thought I would share with you our amazing finds.

The first item pictured below is a Game Cart/Carrier.  We purchased it for $5.00.  Yes, that’s right……just $5.00.  We need to put bicycle tires on this baby and we’re set.  We can pickup tires relatively inexpensive here at the flea market. I think we got a great deal on this cart/carrier because new they usually go for $130.00 dollars or greater. Bulldog Man is going to have this game cart ready to go in the next couple of weeks because black powder hunting is around the corner.  Who knows; we may just have a deer to put in the freezer.

The next item purchased is a windmill.  I’ve wanted a windmill for years to put up in my garden.  I refuse to pay the price of a new windmill, $200 plus dollars.  So when we ventured into this estate sale, I came across a windmill in relatively good condition for $6.00.  All it needs is new bearings, which are not too expensive, and a little cleaning.  I’ve already ordered the bearings for $8.99, and should have them at the house in a week or so.  Then I think I’m going to change the color of the windmill to John Deere green.  What do you think?  Once I’ve finished cleaning up this windmill and painting it, I will update you with a picture of the final project.  Granted, it may take me a little while to complete this project, with everything else going on at the homestead.

In addition to the windmill, I also found this large stock pot with the glass lid for $5.00 and a bag of silverware for $4.00.  The stock pot will come in handy when making stews/soups and when canning.  As for the silverware, for some unknown reason my set keeps disappearing……………..I’m pretty sure it’s our son who takes the silverware in his lunch, and doesn’t return it. So, having additional silverware for a couple of bucks is better than spending $80.00+ for an entire set.
Just dust on the lid, once cleaned it will make for a great pot.

While driving to a yard sale we found in the newspaper, we came across another yard sale at a vineyard and just had to stop. A truck was coming out of the driveway with these beautiful wine barrels in the back of the truck.  When I saw this, a light bulb came on in my brain (okay PP it’s not a little brain so no smart comments) and thought I could really use some large wine barrels in the garden.  The drive to the sale was down this long dusty driveway, which ran alongside the rows of beautiful grapevines. When we reached the end of the driveway, there were two families selling all kinds of items.

Bulldog Man and I have been looking for a heavy duty lawn spreader to hook up to the lawn tractor for distributing fertilizer.  In stores, lawn spreaders that hook to tractors generally start at about $190 and go up from there.  This lawn spreader was a heavy duty one in good condition.  The price was $4.00, I snatched it up………….well... I didn’t really pick this baby up, because it is too heavy.  I told the owner I wanted it, gave them the cash, and they placed a sold sign on that baby. 
A little dirt inside that needs cleaning, otherwise in excellent shape.

Then I found a foldable clothes drying stand for $6.00, and some wire storage baskets (the owner gave me them for free).  

There was also a mini trailer to attach to a lawn tractor for $20.00.  Believe me, I would have snatched this baby up, but we didn’t have room to place it in the truck, and the owners weren’t holding property for a later pickup.   While loading our truck with all of our purchased merchandise, I came across a heavy duty luggage cart.  I purchased this baby to help Bulldog Man with his back pack and lunch cooler when going to work.

I can say going to the estate sale and yards sales this weekend was successful for our homestead.  Not only did we get what we needed, we saved hundreds of dollars in the process. 

Have you been to estate sales, yard sales, and thrift stores lately?  If so, were you able to find some good deals?


Sweet Kymber, this section of my post is dedicated to you and Jambaloney.  Bulldog Man fired up the grill, and we grilled organic turkey burgers on the grill top, and in a tray we sliced onions, zucchini, squash, and sweet peppers together. And in another pan, we fried up new potatoes in olive oil with fresh parsley.  Dinner was healthy and delicious at the same time. 




  1. Great finds at the Estate/Garage sales! And, dinner looks delicious!

    1. DFW,

      I couldn't believe how many great items we found. Usually, it's one, two, or none. This past weekend we made out big time!
      Thank you, dinner was delicious.

  2. Oh I have not been to a sale in awhile now too busy but look forward to it slowing down by winter:) Great finds Sandy. Your mind is very creative and I know all these ideas you have will work well. I have to say John Deere Green??? It is all about the Case Red here:):):) xo Take care. Hug B

    1. B,

      Since things are slowing down for you, soon you'll be able to go to more auctions, and sales. Thank you, I thought we did really good this past weekend on things we needed. Okay, now you've peaked my interest.......maybe I will make the windmill Case Red?? or John Deer Green????

  3. Went to leave a message last night but the storms prevented me.....I love deals! You got some great ones....Great Color Choices!! JD girl here...not pink the green and yella! Will look great!!

    1. M.E.,
      Thank you! I run into problems with trying to transmit comments all the time with Blogger.

      I really think I'm sticking to JD Green and Yellow for the windmill.

  4. Looks like you did good at the sale!
    Dinner looks good also. :-)

    1. Mike,

      We did, it's been a while since we found all kinds of stuff we needed at sales. Thanks, dinner was delicious.

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