Monday, May 19, 2014

*****Give-Away***** Solar Light Set, & Seeds

100,000 plus views……………….wooooohooooo!!!! 
I think that means it’s time for another


3 Piece Solar Light Set
Lights come on automatically at dusk
Up to 8 hours of light on a full charge
Powered by a high quality solar panel
Includes hummingbird, butterfly, and dragonfly
Assembled height 30”


Seeds with Quick Process Pickle Mix
Package of Mrs. Wages Bread & Butter Pickles Mix
Cucumber, Boston Pickling Seeds
Pepper, Chinese Five Color Seeds
Collars, Georgia Southern
Beans, Calima Bush

You have an opportunity to win all of this. To do so, please place a comment below on this post.  Tell me about yourself, the garden you’re about to create, or the one you’ve already planted.  This will qualify, and enter you in the drawing.  

Entries must be received by Sunday, May 25, 2014 by 11:59 PM. The drawing will be held Monday evening, May 26th 2014.

All names will be placed in a bowl, and a name will be drawn from the bowl Monday evening, May 26, 2014.  If your name is picked as the winner, I will post your first name on my blog site, along with my e-mail address. 

You will have 4 business days to respond to me by e-mail with your mailing address. If I receive no response from the winner, your entry will be null (void), and I will be required to pick another winner.
How To Enter

All entries must be made on the comment form of this post.  One entry per person. Good Luck Everyone!!!!



  1. Wow a giveaway that I like! I live in the Central Valley of California. I have a very small house and yard. So my garden is in pots. I have 4 heirloom small tomato plants. They have a few small tomatoes on each plant. (By small, I mean the actual tomatoes will be cherry size.) In addition, I have a cucumber plant. Since it is already hot here (90's), I have to water every day. Since we are in a drought, I'm glad I only have a small garden.

    1. Kristine,

      I've entered you in the give-away, good luck!
      Having a garden in pots is a real good thing. I love using pots because you can move them anywhere inside or out.

  2. sweet Sandy - we haven't spent any money on things to pretty up the garden, as you know. someday, soon, i hope that we will have spare cash for such pretty lights as the one's in your giveaway! we have solar lights but they are the regular "guy" kind! i love the solar lights in this giveaway!

    we have plenty of seeds, and normally if the giveaway were for just the seeds, i would enter but have you send them to a friend. however, you know that i want those fancy lights!!! i'll take the seeds as well - teehee!

    you know that our garden is coming along really well due to having the greenhouse - what a godsend that thing is!!! and you also know that we have planted out 160 potatoe seeds - we expect a huge harvest this year - woohoo!

    anyway, please consider this email my entry because I WANT THOSE BEAUTIFUL SOLAR LIGHTS!!!!

    your friend,

    PIONEERPREPPY - if you are reading this, you should enter and ask that if you win, you will give it to me. being that you are such a gentleman and all.

    1. Sweet Kymber,

      Man kind of lights, I know what those are......we have them too!!!
      It does take money and time to make a garden, yard, or property pretty.

      Having that green house is a a piece of heaven. Being able to garden when the temperatures are not conducive to do so.

      I've entered your name in the give-away.

      Hey PP, did you read the last paragraph on Kymber's comment???

  3. Awesome Give A Way !.. Please add me... : )

    1. JUGM,


      I've added your name to the give-away, good luck!!!

  4. I'm a 2nd year gardener and this year I added compost to my soil, and started my own compost pile. I planted garlic for the first time last fall and it is coming up!! I also have a small garden in my backyard that I'm hoping to grow tomatoes, beets, carrots, peas, cucumber and herbs in among other things this summer. Just waiting for some warmer weather to plant in. I like to can my own marinara. Would love some things to make my garden pretty.

    1. Hi Robin,

      You sound like your on a good path for gardening. Starting your own compost is a necessary thing I believe when you start to garden (I'm old fashioned when it comes to getting things started for a garden).

      Have you considered canning other vegetables in the future?

      I've entered your name into the drawing for the give-away, good luck!

    2. This year I'm going to try canning pickles, time to get over my fear of pressure canning!

    3. Robin,

      I had the same fear with using the pressure canner. After reading several books, blogs (where people can continuously) I started gaining my confidence to can with the pressure canner. Give it time, and you'll be doing all kinds of canning.

  5. Sandy,
    Those lights look pretty cool. As you know, we've been pushing the garden more and more every year. Mars has put in three more rows and is wanting to put in one more this. The future in this country is becoming more and more unstable and we are trying (again) this year to fill all my canning jars. We were lucky twice now to find more jars. The last one was when we bought the wood stove. The woman we bought the stove from blessed us with over 36 dozen free jars. That's just those. We've also bought several dozen of them. When we moved here one of the priorities was to bring all the canning jars we had already scored (for free). I had to make a decision to either bring the jars or bring all the 5 gallon buckets with us. The jars won! Now I'd just like to be able to fill them all. If not this year then maybe next!
    We've also got rabbits that will actually make babies this time. Sorry I went off rambling here. (no surprise huh?) Anyway, it's all a work in progress.
    Hugs to You and Yours,

    1. SCI,

      The lights are really nice, I have a few in my garden beds. I love watching them change colors.

      Three more rows added to the garden, oh my!!!

      Yes, everyone should become more self reliant especially since this economy is unstable.

      I love finding jars at yard sales, estate sales, and special sales like your wood stove. The price is right at these events compared to the store, unless you find a good deal at the store or have a coupon.

      Baby rabbits, it's about time....right?? After trying to get them to mate. Now I can see you raising these babies, and then canning the meat to put up into the pantry for future use.

      I've entered your name into the drawing, good luck!!!

      Sending hugs and love to you and Mars.

  6. I love them! I have added another raised bed to my gardens this one is 12x4. I now have six raised beds and six tire planters. Just yesterday I planted 51 potatoes~ I have 3 kinds of peas coming up as well as carrots, beets, and onions. Oh and cucamellons!! and cucumbers planted yesterday!!
    Love the blog

    1. Longtime Wife,

      Gardens are so much fun!!!

      I'm happy to hear you have added another raised bed to your garden.

      I've never heard of cucamellons before, what are they?

      Your name has been entered in the drawing for the give-away. Good Luck!

  7. OOOO Glow in the dark night targets.... Neat :)

    I would say add me but I never win so why bother lol.

    1. PP,

      No there not targets, they're entertainment!!!!

      Stop whining old timer :P or you'll have to go into time out!!!

      All joking aside,
      Your name has been entered in the drawing for the give-away.

    2. hey PP - didn't you read my comment above specifically asking you to give me the prize if you win???? come on e out here...

    3. that should say "help me out here"

    4. Will it includes snacks? Like maybe cookies?

    5. it will definitely include cookies...and anything else you want! thanks buddy!

  8. Love the lights, we are harvesting our new potatos, sugar snap beans, the onions are the worst ever this year, but here in East Texas we have the corn, purple hull & crowder peas, green beans, melons, cantaloup tomatos & peppers planted. Please add my name to your drawing.

    1. Sharon,

      I love them too, and put some up in my garden.
      My favorite type of potato, new potatoes!!!!
      You have corn growing, I hope you get to harvest all kinds of it this season. My corn is about 6 inches tall now.

      I've added your name into the drawing, good luck!!!

  9. Congratulations on a blogging milestone! It is the first of many more. Love the lights. I have to say you have the best giveaways.

    1. Leigh,

      Thank you, it's nice to finally make this milestone. Now it's time to work toward the next 100,000 :-)

      The lights are just too cute, I love them too.

      Hey guess what, I've entered your name in the give-away :-)

  10. Well you know solar lights are great but if one lives at a place like the UK or Denmark, often there will simply be not enough sun to power them. That is why here the preferred choice is something that uses power. However, people here are quite conscious about using energy so we keep it low - with LED from for example mylight - The stupid thing is that the lights are labelled in a way that no one understands how useful they can be. But hey, people learn after trying them themselves :-)

    1. Diana Z,

      Yes they are.

      You've been entered in the give-away, good luck!

  11. We are moving to our little homestead tomorrow and I'd love to win these! These would be a great boost in getting things started around here. Thanks for the chance to win!

    1. Latrecia,

      Congratulations on your recent move to your homestead.
      I've entered your name in the giveaway, check back to see if you've won.

      Good luck!!!

  12. i have been looking for cute little things like this to spruce up our boring yard. this giveaway is awesome!!

    1. Amanda,
      Welcome to my blog. I've entered your name in the give-away, good luck and keep watching for the winners name to be posted on May 26, 2014.

  13. I'm finally putting in the huge veggie garden I've always wanted and would love to win these.