Monday, January 6, 2014


Since the Flu virus has run rampant through our area of Oklahoma and in many parts of Texas (note, we’ve been traveling back and forth for family medical issues), we went ahead and got the Flu shot.  This was the first time most of us had the shot, we had no reactions, which was a good thing; and if we can prevent getting the Flu……….so be it!!!!


During free time, I’ve been looking at these seed catalogs, planning my garden for this coming spring.  There are so many seed varieties I would love planting in my garden this year, but one must be realistic on what will grow in this part of Oklahoma.  

Have any of you received the Michigan Bulb Company seed catalog? They have super bag bargins on Hosta Mixes, Pink Atilbe, Coneflower and Glads mixes, and Tall Phlox.  Their catalog is broken down in categories such as unique treasures, water smart gardens, xeriscaping, hardy succulents, and ground covers for sun. The variety of categories goes on and on in this catalog; my favorites are the Butterfly, Hummingbird and Bird Sanctuary gardens.  


While it’s cold outside, I’ve been trying to stock up on canning my broths for the pantry; beef, chicken, turkey, and vegetable.  I use broth in just about everything; including, boiling my potatoes, to make homemade mashed potatoes. 

All my blogger friends, this is just a heads up to let you know-- I will be sponsoring a wonderful give-away in the next several days.  Stay tuned, this one is nice for preparing (a good source).

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  1. I've used more stock this year than I ever have but I still have quite a few jars left. I think I'll make some vegie stock come late February. Never had a flu shot & I don't think I want to get one.

  2. DFW,

    I hear you of using a lot of stock. We got the shot because to many people were getting sick around us and there were 8 that died.

  3. That is a nice give-a-way you're sponsoring! I've got my second batch of stock simmering on the stove and pinto beans to can this week. Am thinking about ordering seeds soon too. There's almost this sacred feeling when ordering unadulterated/organic/heirloom seeds in just how close our world is to not having the ability to produce the wonderful old varieties. Do you save seeds? I save, save, save the heirlooms .. and this is the first year for gathering carrot seeds (takes two years).

    1. Mrs. Mac,

      Thank you, I try to sponsor items I think my friends would like.
      I've just placed part of my seed order. Yes, I save seeds. I have a stash in my freezer, and another in a dark sealed container.