Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New Mexico - Cervantes - Sacramento Mountain Weavers - ***WARNING LOADED W/PICTURES***

We’re back home, and Tank did a mighty fine job taking care of the house and animals.



The first part of our trip, we drove cross-country to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to attend a formal retirement ceremony of one of Bulldog Man’s military friends.  Bulldog Man’s friend retired as a Colonel from the USAF, with 32 years dedicated to our country.  He’s a damn good doctor and pilot.  Now a civilian, he will enjoy life to its fullest, and travel the country with his lovely wife.  This was the first time I actually meet Bulldog Man’s friend and family.

After the retirement ceremony, Bulldog Man and I went back to our hotel to change, get in comfortable clothing, and head to downtown Albuquerque to play tourists.  We stopped at this wonderful Mexican restaurant called Cervantes, on the corner of Gibson and San Pedro.  If you ever get to Albuquerque and want authentic Mexican food, I recommend you try this place.  The food is out of this world, the service is totally awesome………..guaranteed you’ll need a forklift to help you out the door after eating this wonderful food.

Once done eating, we asked a waitress where she recommended going if you’re looking for gift type items, and she suggested Old Town.  Bulldog Man and I drove to Old Town and walked the entire area.  This is a place to visit if you’re looking for gift type items.  We came across this store called Sacramento Mountain Weavers.  Throughout the store there were handmade rugs, shawls, hats, scarfs (made with the triangle and standard looms), jewelry, art, and many other items on display.  We met this wonderful woman, Pam Schrode; she runs Sacramento Mountain Weavers and makes Chainmaille jewelry.  Everything in this store was made on the property.  Bulldog Man and I purchased this beautiful picture of an owl, and earrings made with turquoise.  I would recommend you visit Old Town if ever in Albuquerque and stop in Sacramento Mountain Weavers. 


Pam Schrode Working Hard On The Triangle Loom

Pam Working With The Standard Loom
Grape Vines In The Courtyard

Old Catholic Church Inside Old Town

On Friday, we drove 200 miles south to Tularosa, to check on Bulldog Man’s parents.  They had no idea we were coming, it was a really nice surprise.  Both Bulldog Man and I were very happy to hear his father has recuperated from cancer and radiation treatments and is doing very well.  As for his mom, she was just diagnosed with skin cancer on her ear.  Both were very pleased we came for a visit. 

Below are more pictures of the countryside and sky passed while traveling.

Lava Rock From About 800 Years Ago

Dust Storm Starting With Winds Over 60 MPH We Are Driving By

Prairie Home From Late 1800's

Rainbow Starting
Storms Brewing When Entering The State Of Oklahoma


  1. I have eaten at that restaurant when I lived in Santa Fe, it is very good.

    Can't say I was ever impressed with the terrain in New Mexico though but the Sunsets were always pretty.

    Glad you had a good time and made it home safe to a well kept house !!!

    1. PP,

      It's a fabulous place to eat.

      The sunsets are to die for. The terrain, rock, mud, and totally dry.

      We had a blast and really needed a break from the stress. Thank God for adult kids, they can keep your place in good shape and you don't have to pay them, lol.....

  2. Those pictures sure made me homesick. I lived in Albuquerque from 1971 through 1975 while I was at UNM. I loved New Mexico. When I got out of the Marines I wanted to go back there, but I couldn't find a way to make a living. Haven't been back since 2006 ,when I took my son to try to talk him into going to UNM too. He didn't like New Mexico and wound up going to Vancouver, British Columbia. Thanks for posting the pictures. I really enjoyed seeing them.

    1. Harry,

      I'm happy you liked the pictures, and glad they brought back memories. I love Albuquerque mostly because I don't feel my arthritis like I do when living in Oklahoma. Plus I can breath a lot better. I know it's silly but I felt really better there. Jobs are hard to come by any where now a days. British Columbia is a beautiful place to attend school or reside.

  3. How's dad?

    (1) How do you travel and still have energy to go out to eat and window shop? I need two days to recover from a 6 hour journey.

    (2) All I ever see when we travel, is the back of traffic ahead.

    LOVED your photos.

    1. Lotta Joy,

      My dad has stabilized. His cancer isn't growing and his blood workup shows his numbers have reduced from 4400 to 129, this is really good. His oncologist feels he's doing really good and has decided to stop chemo for now. Doc wants to run another couple of tests in 8 weeks at which point the tests will tell if the cancer has just stopped or has decided to grow.

      My FIL is doing really good, it looks like his oncologist has got all the cancer.
      Thank you for asking!!!

      I'm not sure where I get all of my energy. I guess I was so excited to leave the area where I live, and see new sites. Truthfully, I needed a break from all the stress, and this break really helped.

  4. Thanks for sharing the photos, always nice to see the pics other take. Glad your trip was good.

  5. oh sweet Sandy - it sounds like you had a great "road" trip - and i am glad that Tank took care of everything while you were gone! the pics are to die for girlfriend, thank you so much for sharing all of them! you have been super busy what with all of the visits and whatnot - oh honey - i hope that you get some quiet time this week! sending lots of prayers and hugs...and jambaloney says he is sending his special hugs to his OK buddy - your friends,
    kymber and jambaloney

    1. Sweet Kymber,

      We did have a wonderful road trip, I didn't want to come back to Oklahoma, lol.......

      Tank is a good adult child, he took care of our home and our animals. He even cooked a nice spaghetti meal with chicken.

      This trip gave Bulldog Man and I sometime away from the stress, we did have some wonderful time alone and we enjoyed every minute. Plus while we were out there we didn't have the pain we usually have living in Oklahoma because the humidity is slim to none.

      Good news, dad's cancer has stabilized. The doctors have taken him off of chemo therapy, they want to see how he does for 8 weeks. Then they will retest his body, if he has stayed the same then there will be no more chemo. If the cancer has changed in a negative way, the chemo will restart. Now we just need to get his strength built up and he needs to get back on his feet literally.
      Thank you for the prayers and hugs, sending hugs and love your way to the both of you.
      Your Friend,

    2. sweet Sandy - that is awesome news!!! i am so happy for your Dad! please pass on our warm thoughts to him for his continued good health. and Sandy, i am so glad that you and the Bulldog Man got a bit of a break!

    3. Sweet Kymber,

      I conveyed your message to the Colonel at his retirement. He was very pleased and thanked you!!!
      The Colonel also sends a hug for your service and hard work.

    4. sweet Sandy - i have nothing more than to say than that i am honoured. honoured.

      your friend,

  6. Glad you are both back, safe and sound. Great photos, and glad to hear the inlaws are doing well, all things considered.

    1. Izzy,

      We are glad to be home sleeping on our own bed. We loved our trip and Albuquerque but missed our own bed. Yes, we are so happy my husbands parents are doing well. Thanks!!

  7. Love your pictures! As I looked at your last picture of entering Oklahoma I noticed how much different your terrain/landscape is in that part of Oklahoma...Here, where I am is hilly, mountainous, trees are everywhere...but again I live in the foothills...Funny how a few hundred miles can make such a big difference...Sounds like you all had a nice trip!

    1. HL,

      Thank you, we loved the places too :-)

      Oklahoma has all kinds of different terrain/landscape. Where we live, it's flat. In your area it's hilly with all kinds of trees. In the panhandle it's green in areas, and rocky in others with some hills (not many). In southern Oklahoma it's green, mountainous, and there are trees.
      We had a blast, it was nice to get away. We felt so much better because the humidity in New Mexico was little to none.

  8. Sandy - Very nice pictures. The one with the Prairie home could be on the highway here. The landscape is the same. I'm happy to hear your dad is holding steady.

    It's always good to get away and have the chance to refocus and recharge.

    Take care !

    1. Helga,

      Thank you so much! Can you imagine living in that Prairie house? It really looks like it was put together very well. I'm happy my dad is holding steady, I just wish he was stronger and on his feet.

      I have to admit getting away did allow me to refocus and recharge. I just wish the time away was a bit longer.

  9. How did I miss these???

    Absolutely beautiful.