Thursday, June 27, 2013

SyrVet Flex Boot Made For Walking :-)

Since Bug has an injured paw and it needs to be wrapped up until the stitches are removed, she’s been wearing a colored boot to keep the gauze in place.  The boot is made with SyrVet Flex cohesive bandage.  These bandages run approximately $6.96 dollars a roll.  Since money doesn’t grow on trees, I went to the local ranch store called Atwood’s to find a deal.

Atwood’s Ranch and Home store has a massive selection of items for animals and their health. Bulldog Man figured shopping there for the Syreflex cohesive bandage would be more reasonable than shopping at an actual pharmacy, like CVS, or a pet store like Petco.  When I walked into the store and directly to the pet medical section, I noticed they had a sale going on for SyrVet Flex cohesive bandages by the roll.  The rolls were 99 cents apiece; I picked up 7 rolls, each roll is in a sterile sealed bag which saved me some money.  The rolls come in a multitude of colors; pink, purple, red, white, yellow, orange, green, black and blue.  I grabbed a handful of rolls; these will be used for Bug’s paw and the extra will be placed in my first aid bag.   These flex cohesive bandages are great for keeping gauze on a wound and covering an area when needed.
Bug with baby pink and white boot.

Bug with hot pink, matches Buttons Cadillac Pink Boots.


  1. oh your baby matches my baby Miss Piggy! She is my blog dog! Actually she is the reason for the blog in the first place. :) hope Bug starts feeling better!

    1. That's great they both match! Yes, Bug is doing so much better. Her stitches will come out Monday afternoon.

  2. Oh Bug I love your boot of course the pink brings out your pretty eyes.
    I know I called you a boy the other day but I am sorry you are truly a girly girl.
    I repaired my Pink Cadillac Boot with this Vet tape and it is holding up very well then again I do not use my teeth to try to remove:)
    Take care Bug I am sorry you have to go through this but at least you are looking good:) B

  3. B,

    You are so sweet my friend!

    Yes Bug is a girly girl and she can't wait to go on that long walk with you and chase the turkey's.

  4. Poor baby!!! But the high fashion is so sweet!!!! Gotta love the ranch supply store!

    1. Susie,

      Yes style is the thing with this dog, lol.....

      This Ranch store comes in handy for so many things.