Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Working On Goals - Buckets - Knife - Give-Away

I’ve been working on some of the goals I set for 2013.
I started working with our dog Bug (the new rescue puppy).  The bell I placed on the back door entices her (remember the bell is there to let me know when she needs to go out).  She loves to just touch it and run away.   I figured give her a little time, and she will be ringing that bell, and driving me crazy in the process.  Bug has an insecurity issue, she likes to whine (remember she was a rescue dog, and had a hard life).  She starts whining and shaking when she can’t physically see me.  I know resolving this problem is going to take time, which I have plenty of.
Bug, tired after working with her

 Then it was time to start working on several of the overgrown closets in the house.  This one is one of two hall closets, it generally holds extra pillows, blankets, linens, first aid kits, toilet paper (not all, only one container and a few loose rolls), heating pads, blood pressure cuff and some (not all) extra toiletry supplies.  As you can see it’s a disaster, everyone just grabs what they need, and when they return the item they don’t place it back where it was found. 
I’m embarrassed……………’s the before picture.

And here’s the after picture.

I’ve pulled out all the pillows, a total of 10, and saved only two.  Those two were placed inside a large storage bag in the bottom right of the closet.  Of course, I have two travel bags in the lower part of the closet for easy access (being that we don’t have a lot of storage closets in this house).  I’ve placed all the liquid soap, shampoos and conditioners in a large plastic bin and labeled them.  Then it was on to placing the bar soap in another container, and the extra razors in another.  I placed a shelving type unit inside the closet side ways to hold the heating pads, blood pressure cuff, and minor bathroom electronics.  The top shelf holds linens, and blankets in large Ziploc storage bags.  I pulled out all the extra boxes of bandages and band aids stored in the closet and placed different size bandages and band aids in three first aid kits. By doing this, I eliminated 8 boxes of bandages and 3 boxes of band aids sitting on the shelves.  ****Note to all Blogger friends, please check your first aid kits to make sure your items haven’t expired!!!
Next on my agenda, tackle the closet by the front door in the foyer. 
On my last trip into town, I picked up several more free food grade buckets. This time the buckets are the small ones, I won’t complain, especially since they’re freeJ.   I decided to scrub the buckets outside and let them dry in the sun since it turned out to be a beautiful day. When I decide to use these buckets, I will wash them one more time.

This section of my post I dedicate to Stephen and Matt. I couldn’t resist, I had to get in on the knife sharing post, lol.  Here’s one of my favorite knives, it’s a Kershaw 1070 Echo AUSSA by Ken Onion.

On a special note, the Hi Mountain Jerky Cure & Seasoning give-away winner has until Thursday night at 11:59PM to e-mail me at 

in order to claim her winnings. The winner was announced on Saturday, the 19th of January, and still I have not received a response from the winner.  Ya’ll know what that means, on Friday, I will have Bulldog Man pull another name from the bowl of people who registered and another winner will be named. 




  1. Replies
    1. She really is and a sweetheart too, that is when she's not scared.

  2. Bug would be such a welcome to our bed at night, as our Rister has taken to hiding underneath the bed & scratching the living daylights out of whoever walks by.

    Great job on organizing those closets!!!!

  3. Bug/s/ dipped in chocolate taste good...

    You mean that Matt copied me...that booger.

    1. Stephen,

      Bugs (the little crunchy critters) are good dipped in chocolate :-)

      I'm not sure who copied who, I figured I would display one of my knives too.

  4. Replies
    1. CD,
      Rescues are the best type of animal to have!
      She is a cutie :-)

      How many dogs do you have, I seen the one.

  5. Our cats have all been rescue cats and have been wonderful and we enjoy them. I think rescue animals with time and affection are perfect. Our last one (cat) lived two years in an apartment parking lot year round. When we first got him he was not friendly and basically could care less if we were here or not. Now, he is such a lover and enjoys laps, pets and all the attention he can get! he he

    PS What is it about saving ratty pillows? I just tossed some that were beyond any kind of life. Hmmmph!

    1. JMD,

      Rescued animals are the best type to have. Their happy to have a person to care for them.

      I'm not sure about the pillows. My husband has a problem with his neck and back, so we keep picking up pillows and sleeping with them until he's found the one that works for him. In the mean time all the other pillows purchase over a period of time keep moving from one state to another with us. Finally today, I got tired and threw the entire group of them out.

  6. It's obvious that Bug equates safety with YOU. This is how Beau is, ever since I rescued him three years ago. He knows "mama" means he is not in the puppy mill. You've got to give the little guys credit. They have this need to trust someone, and we are IT. You won't be able to change Bug's mind, even if you were cruel to him, he'd still adore you.

    As for the linen closet. How did you know I've been staring at mine for a week. I like organization, but there's everything in there except my car keys and guitar.

    I've GOT to do something, and knowing it will make me feel better once it's done, I STILL do nothing!!

    1. Lotta Joy,

      Yes Bug does equate safety with me, and I will always protect my dogs. She's come from a hard life, and I won't ever do anything to hurt hurt.

      I read your mind about the linen closet :-)
      When I made a list of goals for 2013, cleaning all of my closets out was noted on the list. I tackled two today, and eventually the others will be done. When your in the mood, you'll start cleaning your closet and not before. It's a mood thing, trust me :-)

  7. Wow! You've been uber busy. I love how much more room you have now in your closet. Closet space here is really limited and prime real estate. :o)
    I've been on a sort of cleaning kick lately. When it's cold out, I've been tackling some of the indoor stuff that tends to get put off during the garden season.
    (love the picture of Bugs!)

    1. Sci,

      There is plenty to do around the home front to keep me busy. Sometimes it's just getting the motivation to do the work, lol......
      I so agree, closet space is prime real estate!
      It's suppose to be cold here with the chance of some drizzling rain. Hopefully, not to cold that the water turns to ice. When garden season starts, forget doing any house cleaning, lol.....
      Thank you, Bugs is a cutie.

  8. Your organizing looks great! I love when things are in order!
    Where do you find your buckets? Someone else had found them free on Craigslist. I need a couple so I will have to put that on my to do list one day :)
    Your little doggie is too cute!!!

    1. Kelly,
      Thanks! Oh, I find my buckets at local bakeries or the bakery department of Sams, Costco or Walmart. Those places will have food grade buckets and lids. Just go to the bakery section and ask if they have any food grade buckets with lids that they would like to get rid off. These buckets are great for storing food with a mylar bag (of course after the buckets been cleaned) or for planting seed/veggies/flowers. I just drill 3 small holes in the bottom of the buckets and place a coffee filter in the bottom of the bucket before placing my soil in.

  9. Busy productive...send some of that my way.

  10. All my dogs are rescues and almost all have gone through separation anxiety with me. But they've all gotten over it. Thank you for becoming her mom.


    1. Janie,

      I hope Bug gets over the separation anxiety soon, lol
      Thank you for the sweet comment.