Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend - Surgery - Rum Balls

Friday was an extremely busy day paying bills, running errands, going to the health food store in town to pick up ingredients for my next project, and putting the garden beds to sleep for the winter.
Picture of some of the garden beds

Saturday, we all were up early and at the hospital first thing in the morning for our son, Tank’s, second surgery on his hand.  The doctors removed all the hardware from his hand and stated his hand looks really good; however, the doctor has restricted the use of this hand.  Over the next several months, Tank will need to continue to visit the doctor for follow up.   I want to thank everyone for their prayers and warm wishes for a speedy recovery for our son.

This evening, I made Rum Balls to place in cookie tins for sending out for Christmas.  OMG, these Rum Balls are delicious…………………. And very easy to make, I got the recipe here from Tidy Mom.                  
Easy to make and delicious!

Store air tight container for a couple of days
to develop the flavor.



  1. sweet Sandy - i am so glad to hear that Tank is doing well after this second surgery - so glad! and those rum balls look divine - absolutely divine! my mouth is watering! and thanks for sharing the recipe!

    your friend,

    1. Hey Sweet Kymber,
      Thank you. Tank is trying my patience right now, he has a bit of an attitude.

      The rum balls are totally divine.

  2. Sandy
    I hope this is the end of Tanks hand problems.
    I love Rum balls too!

    1. Not the end yet, we may now have issues with the tendon.

      Rum balls, yum!

  3. Nice that his hand is healing and making progress. Must be annoying for him not to be able to use his hand:(

    Your treats look yummy as always.

    1. It is very annoying for him not to be able to use his hand. This has been going on since September 9th, he has still more healing ahead of him.

      Thanks, the rum balls are delicious.