Thursday, April 12, 2012


Today was one of those days I didn’t know whether to put on winter or summer clothes. Temperatures were in the low 50’s with a wind chill making it feel as if it were in the 40’s.  Later this afternoon the sun finally came out and temperatures finally made it to 73 degrees. 

Bulldog Man and I had this wonderful conversation about blame.  I blame him for introducing me to  Hatch Green Chiles (now when I cook, I try to put Green Chiles in everything), the state of Texas for their Blue Bonnets and Indian Paintbrush flowers, Whole Foods grocery store for their fresh and organic food (when I lived in Texas, I had this store at my back door), Chihuahua’s (I hated them as a kid, every Chihuahua I met was downright mean), now we have one that we rescued, and he is the sweetest thing (his name is Beans) and the state of Oklahoma (because I hate tornadoes); we moved here for Bulldog Man’s job.  Yes, I hold my hand up high to dully swear, Bulldog Man is to blame for getting me to fall in love or liking all of these things.
Darn it, your father said when we first met, I couldn’t return you,
lol…..  J

Tonight, we harvested lettuce (Bibb, Romaine and Mesculin) from our garden to make our salads for dinner.  I must say, the lettuce was enjoyable and there is plenty of it in our garden. 


  1. funny how some things can grow on a person ;)

    I think God softens our hearts to accept and make the change in scenery (i.e. moving somewhere other than where we want) something we grow to love. Lettuce looks wonderful .. still dreaming about it in our garden.

  2. Mrs. Mac,

    It is funny, and yes God softens our hearts. My husband and I always tease each other about everything.

    The lettuce was wonderful, and I'm happy not to have to buy it in the store (the price of lettuce has gone up substantially). If you planted lettuce, it will be there soon.