Wednesday, April 4, 2012

House - Garden - Canning

Today was a day to strip down beds and do laundry. I also needed to vacuum and mop floors.  I was planning on washing windows but decided they could wait a while or at least until I have the energy to climb a ladder and pull a hose.

Here are the additional pictures, I promised to post last night but blogger wouldn’t allow me to do so.  These pictures are of the corn, carrots, broccoli rabe, spinach, herbs and tomatoes.  All were started with seeds. 
Pine Trees Received At A Music Festival (They were 3 inches when we received them).

Corn, Carrots,  Broccoli Rabe and Spinach

Thyme, Basil (Sweet & Purple), Parsley and Cilantro
Tomatoes (Need To Be Thinned Out)

We tested our new pressure canner today with some fresh carrots.  These in the picture, just came out of the canner and need to cool before wiping the jars done.  I absolutely hate using electric stoves when canning.  I would love a gas stove, it’s easier to control the temperature.  Now that the canner works wonderfully, I’m destined to continue using it on our upcoming garden harvest.

Carrots - Pressure Canner Test

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