Monday, January 19, 2015

Letttttuce and Gas

This evening, our local news, Channel 5 News, posted a story about a lettuce shortage.  The story was about a notice written by Crest Grocery store, posted on the display for lettuce.  It apologizes for no lettuce, and indicates there’s a lettuce shortage, due to the weather in California and Arizona.  Notice the last sentence; it indicates the grocery store has been receiving heavy pro-rates on several items.  

I wonder what the several items are.  Have you noticed problems with lettuce in your local grocery stores?  Are you aware of shortages of any food at your grocery store?  The last time I went shopping, I noticed the shelves are not stocked as usual, and certain items were not found.  Get your groceries while you can, as lack of groceries will only get worst as the economy falters. 

Gas prices dropping, wooohooo……………. It’s nice not to pay close to $100.00 to fill your truck with gas.  Today, we walked away paying under $40.00.  

Ultimately, in the end, we as American’s will end up paying for this decrease in gas, with the loss of jobs, or added taxes.   

Gas prices in town today are:

Bulldog Man and I went to a flea market/antique show and found a porcelain dish pan in great condition for $20, and an old canning jar tool (for removing and placing the jar in a pressure canner/water bath) for $4.00.    This canning jar tool from earlier years was made better than the tool I received when I purchased my water bath kit.


Since the temperatures were much cooler, I canned several quarts of chicken broth.

I also had 50 pounds of pinto beans needing canned.  Started canning pint and quart jars after going through the pinto beans, pulling out rocks, sticks, and broken beans.  I was able to get about 25 pounds of beans canned, and have another 25 pounds waiting patiently for jars.  

While cleaning the pint jars, I stuck my hand inside one with the sponge not realizing the jar was broken, and ended up cutting my thumb. 
I think we have enough canned beans for now; the rest will have to wait.

Bulldog Man and I drove up to the big city and went fishing on Saturday, and Monday, being it was a holiday.  I was able to get some nice pictures at Dolese Pond up in Oklahoma City while fishing.  

1st day fishing.

Second day fishing.

Unfortunately there were no trout caught; however, we did enjoy the peaceful time together.   

What did you do this weekend?