Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Nothing Special to Post Today.......Just A Piddling

Did you say piddling?

Yes, that is what was done the last couple of nights…..little projects, after eating dinner and washing dishes.

Before using the tractor again, it required an oil and filter change, which was relatively easy, and completed within 20 minutes.  We found another use for 2 beat up old canning jars……….. We used them as a way to store the used oil before being brought for recycling.

Then we went on to cleaning guns, which were recently fired at the range.  It pays to make sure your personal guns are well taken care of, and always cleaned when done using them.  No one wants an unreliable gun.  Besides, when you clean your own guns, you become very familiar with the gun, and know how to break it down if you have a mechanical issue.  Bulldog Man and I sat down at the kitchen table with a cover, and our cleaning gear.  Within 15 minutes, we had our guns broken down, cleaned, and put back together; ready for use. 

The one and only bathroom in the house needed to have the hardware changed in the back of the tank on the toilet.  Granted, this is an easy task for many, but when you have a bathroom that’s smaller than a telephone booth, it makes it difficult to reach for the water shut off valve.  The toilet sits right up against a wall, and on the other side you could just fit a plunger between the toilet and the tub.  Bulldog Man was able to tackle this task and have it done within 20 minutes. 

The last pepper plant in the garden continues to produce beautiful small green peppers.  Instead of wasting the last of the peppers, I went ahead and harvested the seeds from the peppers, and dehydrated small cut pieces for use later in stews and soups.

Saving Seeds For Next Springs Planting

In between piddling, laundry was washed and hung out on the clotheslines.  This is when I came across a bird.  At first, I thought the bird was an owl of some sort.  Then, with further investigation and movement of the bird, I was able to determine the bird was a prairie chicken.  Granted, I thought about catching it with our fish net and adding it to the freezer, but the more I looked at it, it appeared to be sick or injured from a hawk attack.  The bird ended up staying on the utility shed roof until it started to rain, and then it flew off. 

Isn't it gorgeous................think FOOD!!!

The last time we went down to Texas, we went to check on my Mom, and install cameras for her on her property.  My sister, K gave us a Keurig Coffee Machine and stated, “If you can fix this machine, it’s yours”.   She made one cup of tea with the machine, and then it wouldn’t work.  She apparently bought another, and threw the box out for the first one, because it had been too long to return the coffee machine. 

My husband, my MacGyver……Bulldog Man….fixed the machine…..now we have a Keurig Coffee Machine, which will compete with our stove top peculator.    
We always use the stove percolator, this was a nice surprise.
This is just the small list of things we piddled with………..too many to list. 

What have you piddled with lately?