Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Tornado, Flooring, Caulking!!!

A week and a half ago, while shopping at Lowe’s in Norman, Oklahoma, the weather turned bad.  After loading the truck up with our newly purchased tile and thin set, for our main bathroom; we jumped on Interstate 35 to leave Norman to head home.  We had only been home for a couple of hours, when a tornado hit the Riverwind Casino in Norman. 

Thank goodness we’re safely at home; however, we had concerns regarding our travel trailer.  Our trailer is stored in a storage facility directly across the highway from the Riverwind Casino, the direction the tornado made its path.  Law enforcement had the highway and surrounding areas closed down, so first responders could help rescue people, and assess the damage. Therefore, we were unable to physically check on our travel trailer.  I placed a call to the manager of the storage facility.   She informed me they were attempting to get into the facility, and once at the facility, they would call us and let us know if our unit was affected by the tornado.  At 10:45 PM, I received a call from the manager, advising our storage unit was fine.  The storm passed it over, and hit the very next row of storage units.  The next morning, Bulldog Man and I, drove up to the storage facility to visually confirm all was well with our trailer, “The Beast”, and to drop off a few things in our trailer.  After checking our travel trailer, we both were so at ease that we didn’t have damage; it was nice knowing that we did not have to contact the insurance company.

I’m going to give you a sneak preview of the floor being installed throughout our home.  Instead of replacing the damaged laminate again with laminate (something we were going to do in a couple of years, however, since the pipe broke, the flooring needed replacing).  We decided to go with engineered wood.  Here’s a before and after look, what do you think?

Old Laminate Floor
Engineered Wood Replacing the Laminate

Bulldog Man and I have walked around our house identifying areas needing additional caulking from weather damage. This was to help prevent further issues to the wood, and to prevent any air leaks around windows.  After identifying the areas, we got busy caulking. Now we have one more thing to check off of our to do list.

How’s your winter chore list coming along?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Chicken, Guns, and Critters

Ever have one of those days you just don’t feel like manning the kitchen while food cooks?  I wanted roasted chicken but didn’t want to watch the oven.  What to do??  Pull out your handy dandy crock pot, pullout a whole chicken, spice up your chicken.  I usually put some garlic salt, pepper, and cumin all over the chicken with a bit of olive oil.  Then you can do one of two things, place vegetables in the bottom of your crock pot or if you’re not using veggies, ball up two balls of tin foil.  This prevents your chicken from touching the bottom of the pot while it roasts.  Place the top on your crock pot, and turn your chicken on high for 5 hours and wala…….you have a nicely roasted chicken.  

Gun cleaning is done regularly in our home (actually outside due to the smell of the chemicals).  Our guns are cleaned right after using them or on a regular basis to make sure they’re no issues.   Do you clean your guns?

Daily visitors on our homestead…………

She looks pregnant!

He/She is getting to confident, coming closer to our home.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Hummingbird Down

A week and a half ago, I had two lingering hummingbirds (most of these type of birds have already ventured down south to Mexico for winter) feeding on my feeders.  This particular morning, temperatures were 62 degrees, and it was still raining from the day before. 

Both hummingbirds were sitting on the same feeder drenched of water, shivering.  When I opened my storm door to go out on the porch one hummingbird was startled and fell to the ground.  I immediately went to his rescue.  Picking him up, he looked at me, fluffed his wings, made one of those silly giggles, and flew over to the trees lining the front yard. 
The second hummingbird remained on the bird feeder shivering.  I went into my house and pulled out a towel, and a syringe full of sugar water.  When I opened the storm door the second bird was no longer sitting on the feeder.  So I went down the porch steps to the other side of the porch, and there he was lying on the ground. 
Picture of his underside.

Picture of his back.

Sat him in a towel with the bird feeder.  Then used a syringe.

I gently picked him up, went back up on the porch, where I had laid a towel down on a shelf, placed a hummingbird feeder on the shelf, and then gently laid the bird on the shelf next to the feeder placing his beak in the feeder.  He wasn’t taking the sugar water.  So I took a syringe and filled it with the sugar water.  Gently placing a droplet on the hummingbird’s beak………the bird took in the sugar water.  I continued this process for a couple of minutes.  I made sure the towel was close to the bird on all sides, except one, so he had a way to fly off.

After two hours, I watched this little hummingbird gain his energy, and fly off to the tree line in the front yard.  

These 2 birds were back at my house the very next day……I’m not sure if that was to acknowledge they appreciated my help, or just because they needed another day of sugar water before flying south to warmer temperatures.