Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thank You Susan

My first harvest of Purple Podded Beans!!!  Extremely excited about these beans!  Again, I would like to thank my dear friend Susan over at e-i-e-i-omg Blog for the seeds love you girl :-). 


Can’t wait to cook them up and eat them.  The question, will I share them with my family or eat them all myself?  I'm thinking of eating them myself....this way Bulldog Man has no idea I was out working in my garden Bahahahahahaha!!!   

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Our first harvest of green beans! There’s enough to make a nice one pot meal of green beans, Yukon potatoes, onions, and ham.  Maybe our next harvest will provide enough green beans to can, and put up in the pantry for future eating.

A little green bean humor……..presented by Laura Lamb Brown-Lavoie.
                                         " Green Bean Meditation"

Friday, June 3, 2016

Garden Info., Rocks, & Surgery

It’s raining, pouring, and finally vegetables are growing!!!  Here are several pictures identifying growth in several of my raised garden beds this season.
Here are some blossoms, and evidence of our first green bean (baby in size) growing this season. 

In two pots, I’ve potted two different types of cucumbers. Here’s evidence the cucumbers are starting to grow, baby cucumbers and blossoms.  It won’t be long until I have full grown cucumbers to harvest and make bread and butter pickles. 

Additional evidence of new growth; blossoms on my tomato plants are showing.  Since we’ve been getting all kinds of rain, it’s time to give the tomato plants and blossoms some nutrients of Epsom salt and distilled water sprayed directly on the plants.  This helps the plants grow and maintain their vibrant color.  We all know what too much rain will do to our plants.

I’ve harvested our first Marconi Sweet Pepper to add to our salad.  It turned out very sweet and tasty, complementing our salad completely.

Here are a few small baby Green Bell Peppers growing nicely in the garden, they’re not quite ready for harvesting.  I need to give them a few more weeks.  

Another handful of strawberries harvested while working in the garden.  I’ll make sure they don’t make it into the house :-)

This season, I picked up a new rose bush called a Lemon Drop, Own Root Miniature to sit on my front porch.  The winds of Oklahoma seem to keep knocking this baby over.  I pulled out one of my extra clay pots from my garden, and Bulldog Man lined the base of this clay pot with two bricks, and I re-potted the rose bush with fresh soil, and lined the top of the soil with some neat looking rocks from a collection of rocks I inherited from my Mom.  

I don’t think this pot will get knocked over from the wind anytime soon.  It’s too heavy for me to move, so I think it will be just fine.

The vibrant yellow flowers smell sweet like fresh fruit.  And every time the front door is opened, there’s a fresh aroma of sweetness that rolls in.

They’re several rocks I didn’t use in the rose bush pot, they’re special and who knows…..maybe worth something?? 

Picture Source
Tuesday, I spent my day at the hospital having outpatient surgery.  Surgery went well; I had Laparoscopic Cholecystecotmy with Cholangiogram.  
Picture source: Internet Dye Process

Meaning, I had a removal of my gall bladder with a special dye test to the bile duct to ensure there were no other issues requiring additional surgery. 
Late Tuesday, I returned home with orders to take it easy for 4 weeks.  No lifting of anything over 10 pounds.  Having surgery this way makes it easier to recuperate and not be away from the homestead too long. 

My Arm Swollen From Other Needles Used Before Intravenous, and Antibiotics 

Poor Bulldog Man, he has to cook, clean, and put up with me for the next 4 weeks…..on top of working a regular full time job.  

We’re Family Strong…..we can get through anything!