Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Won A Give Away, Garden, & FYI Up Coming Give-Away

I registered for a giveaway for Genuine Peacock Feather Earrings with French Cut Sterling Silver Earring Hooks over at M.E. Masterson   blog  adventures--of--life and won these:

Woooohoooo, thanks M.E.!!!!!

I’m happy I covered all the garden boxes, and straw bales with plastic and buckets, we only lost 4 tomato plants. 

Today, I went over to the local nursery and picked myself up a few new heirloom tomato plants to replace those we lost.

I also picked up these to hang out by my front door.  Today, they will stay on the ground next to the house because the winds are too high and would destroy the flowers.  Hopefully the winds will calm down and I’ll hang them out front tonight.

Keep an eye out.  In the next couple of days I will be giving away a book or two from my personal library.  Stay tuned!!!

Earring Pic from M.E., Masterson

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Seedling Planting on Straw Bales, & Strawberry Plants

Straw Bale Update
This time we’re planting seedlings inside the straw bales, leaving plenty of room for the seedlings to grow.

I was going to use a knife to cut into each bale, when Bulldog Man suggested using his hole saw to create the holes.  

Once the holes were created, soil was placed into each hole.  Then each seedling was placed inside the hole on top of the soil, and then additional soil was placed around each tomato plant.

After planting the seedlings, we placed a plastic curtain on the wire lines previously strung (see last post).  We placed clothes pins on each end of the curtain to secure it shut.  It looks like a miniature green house for the seedlings. 

When the temperatures are warmer at night, I will remove the curtain.  Until then, the curtain will remain pulled closed each night, and pulled open during the day time hours.

I hope this experiment really pans out, and we get a large harvest of vegetables from it.


Bulldog Man and I picked up a large galvanized tub to plant some strawberries.  I drilled holes for water drainage in the bottom of this tub, once done; I flipped it over and placed coffee filters to help prevent the soil from escaping through the drain holes.  We loaded the tub with good soil, planted the new strawberries, and layered straw up under each strawberry plant to prevent snails and slugs from going after the plants.

Has the weather in your area allowed you to start planting for spring yet?

Monday, April 7, 2014

Lake of the Arbuckle's (Picture Heavy)

Here are a few pictures of our trip down to Lake of the Arbuckle’s.  We went down to check out the lake for fishing, and the park for tent camping.  Bulldog Man, Beans, and I had a great day scouting out the park, making notation on where we will fish and camp the next visit.  

A Dog's Best Friend!