Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Simple Okie Drip System

I've planted 4 tomatoes plants (Pink Brandy Wine, Sunrise Bumble Bee, Amish Paste, and Yellow Pear), in one of my raised garden beds with approximately 15 to 20 seedlings to plant somewhere else in the garden or in pots. 

This planting season, I've decided to install a simple Okie drip system (I decided on the name of the drip system) to help the tomato plants in the raised bed as a test; to see how well they do with this system. 

You heard right, a simple Okie drip system……here’s how it’s done. You’ll need plastic bottles like water bottles or soda bottles (recycled ones).  A sharp knife, drill, drill bit (small size), and something sharp to cut and drill on…..I used a kitchen cutting board. 

The first thing you want to do is cut the bottom off of each bottle like this.

Next you want to take each lid and drill holes in them.  These holes will allow the water to flow through to the roots of each plant.  If you drill a couple of holes (2 to 4), the water will drip slowly and if you drill 6 to 8 holes in each lid, the water will drip faster to the roots of each plant. 

Secure the lids on each bottle.

Dig a hole next to your tomato plant and place the bottle lid first in the hole.  Make sure your soil is around the bottle like this.

Fill the bottle with water daily, the roots of the plant will take the water when needed. 

This process will be used as a test only in the one raised bed with the tomatoes to see how it works.  The rest of my garden will be watered with the rain barrel and sprinkler system.

Speaking of rain, are you getting some in your location?  Or are you getting snow still?  I know one person who’s getting snow, Mama Pea. She resides up North, where it gets pretty cold, and snows in May.  Check out her blog.  She loves to garden, enjoys quilting, and has a great sense of humor.  When you drop by her blog, tell her I sent you, and let her know I said it’s snowing here in OklahomaJ.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spreader, Garden, & Burn Update

Back in September of last year, Bulldog Man and I we went to an estate sale and several yard sales, and came back with quite a few great finds.  One of our favorite finds is a fertilizer spreader……the type you attach to your lawn tractor.  It was originally priced for $5.00; we picked it up for $4.00; can’t beat that price…..especially if it works……and it does.  Bulldog Man and I are very happy with our purchase. 

Garden Updates
The Yukon Gold potatoes are growing nicely, they keep popping through the straw which I've laid on top of each plant to protect from the extreme sun.  It’s time once again to lay some straw over the top of each plant.

I planted spinach between each row of lettuce; it’s started popping out of the ground.  Excuse the picture, it’s a bit blurry.

Bulldog Man and I have prepared a garden box for several of my tomato plants.  The soil, compost, and peat are mixed and ready for seedlings.  This year, I decided I wanted wind breaks attached to this garden box to protect my tomato plants from the wonderful winds of Oklahoma. Bulldog Man, with some help for me, made two wind breaks from recycled wood.  The breaks were made for the north and south sides of the garden box, each break is removable.  I can remove one or both breaks to work on my tomato plants or just leave the breaks in place.   You can say I’m a happy girl……now I can gradually bring my tomato plants out of the greenhouse, get them used to the temperature outside, and then plant them in this garden box with wind protection. 

The plywood is removable, now I just need to plant my tomato plants.

Update on Bulldog Man’s Leg
It’s looking so much better, and Bulldog Man is a happy man!
BEFORE: Right after the tea water hit the skin.

AFTER: 10 Days After, Looking Better.

Has spring finally hit your area?