Friday, December 19, 2014


Back to dreary weather.  The fog was thick this morning, it’s misting continuously, and the high today was 37 degrees.   


Not much to report today.  I’m cleaning house in preparation for company this weekend.  Our daughter and her boyfriend are visiting with their little dog Oscar.  Beans, our dog is going to be happy to have a 4-legged visitor to share his toys with.  


Bulldog Man and I have been keeping an eye out with several of the Vets, in the local area, who rescue dogs.  We’re in the process of looking for another dog as a companion for Beans.  I’m hoping to find another Chihuahua as sweet as Bug (May she rest in peace). 

Yesterday, December 18th was my Mom’s 73rd Birthday.  We sent her flowers to celebrate her Birthday.  We were not able to be there for her special day, since we had just returned from visiting her days before.  Happy Birthday Mom!!!!


This year, our Christmas tree is a live potted pine tree, very small, and just perfect.  You could call it a Charlie Brown tree!!! 

Both Bulldog Man and I are older, our kids are older, and some even have their own kids….. So Christmas is going to be nice and quiet this year. 

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve sent the grandbabies gifts and cards to our Adult Children.  It’s time Bulldog Man and I celebrate in our own way now that everyone is doing their own thing.  Instead of having a big sit down traditional dinner with everyone, we’re going to have a small romantic Mexican meal on paper plates.   Yep……….you heard me right………paper plates.  I’m not going to be standing washing all kinds of dishes this year after cooking a big meal over a hot stove. 

Heck…..I may just wear jeans and keep my slippers on too!!!!  The perks and benefits of getting older, lol…….


A few perks from visiting Sprouts, a health food store in town yesterday.  I found these delicious Wild Wonder tomatoes from Kingsville, Ontario, Canada.  I cut a few up, added a piece of Swiss cheese, a few basil leaves, topped off the salad with a little virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.  The tomatoes were delicious………….so was the entire salad.  Thanks Canada!!!!  

And finally, Bulldog Man bought me flowers for Christmas. They smell amazing, and look gorgeous…………….Yep he’s a keeper, and the love of my life.

For not having much to report today, I think I did mighty fine :-)

Stay tuned, in the next couple of days, I will be sponsoring another giveaway.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Kindness……Let’s Pay It Forward

A young cancer patient, Andrew Russell, from Point, Texas, has a wish.  That wish; to receive Christmas cards.  Enough cards to keep his mail box full and a smile on his face, while going through chemotherapy treatments. Check out his story over at a friend’s blog Texan.   After reading his story, and locating his Face Book site, I took a few minutes to make out a Christmas card, because I want to continue to see a smile on Andrew’s face.    Blogger friends, this young man doesn’t ask for much.  I ask you to pay it forward, and make this young man smile….. send him a Christmas card……Bless you all, his mailing address is: 

Andrew Russell
PO Box 365
Point, TX 75472

Source: Local Texas news WFAA Channel 8
 & Face Book

After returning from Texas, Bulldog Man took me for a coffee in town at Starbucks located in a strip mall.  They have a new holiday coffee out called Chestnut Praline Latte…..OMG……it’s just totally awesome.  If you haven’t tried it and like Chestnuts, give it a shot. 
While walking through the strip mall, on the outside we came across a horse drawn cart, offering rides through the mall, to adults and children.  In front of a restaurant, Santa Clause sitting on his thrown, talking to little ones, and off in a distance you could hear Christmas Carolers singing the First Noel.


  It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

Friday, December 5, 2014

How Great thou Art

Let us remember the birth of baby Jesus this Christmas.  Let us be kind to people we meet.  Open your hearts not just on holidays but every day.


Video Source and Credits: YouTube/CBS