Thursday, July 2, 2015

Happy 4th & A Lovely Surprise

The 4th of July is about celebrating the birth of our nation, and our independence. 

American families celebrate this day typically by going to see parades, have picnics, barbecue, play outdoor games, and watch firework displays.

To all my Blogger friends, I wanted to wish you a Happy 4th of July, remind you to be safe when dealing with fireworks, and to pay attention to your surroundings; because this country isn’t as safe as it used to be.

Bulldog Man and I went to town to pick up the mail at the post office; Bulldog Man came out with a package addressed to me.  I know I hadn’t ordered anything, and we weren’t expecting medications, Bulldog Man and I were curious what was inside.  As I opened the package, there was a nicely wrapped item.  I removed the tissue paper, and to my surprise, there was a beautiful quilted flag with a note attached.

Mama Pea, thank you so very much for this beautiful quilted flag you made.  Receiving this flag means the world to me, especially right now….you’ve placed a smile on my face, and happy tears in my eyes.  Girl, I wish I was as talented and patient as you when it comes to sewing!!!!  Maybe one day I’ll pickup quilting through the internet like I did crocheting.J  Or……. maybe one day in the distant future, we could get together, and you could teach me how to quilt. 

As for our 4th of July celebration, we will remain home, maybe do a little barbecue out back, piddle around the house, and if we can, watch a little bit of fireworks off in a distance from our porch.  Our weatherman is expecting rain, and severe storms………….and we will be the crazy people under the porch overhang grilling in the rain. 


I also would like to take this opportunity to welcome a new friend to my blog.  Thank you for following me, please sit back and enjoy the ride!!!  If there’s any questions you may have about my blog, please feel free to drop me a comment, or an e-mail, and I’ll be more than happy to return a response. 


Garden Updates
Here are a few pictures of the blooming flowers around the good old homestead.

And here we go again, another harvest of beans, and my first 3 jalapenos!!!

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Beauty & The Beast!

The last couple of years, I’ve tried planting cabbage from seed……each time the seedling would just pop out of the ground, and something would eat the entire seedling.

This year, instead of planting cabbage seeds, I purchased several cabbage seedlings (healthy in size, approximately 4 inches) from Atwoods Ranch Store, and directly planted them in the compost soil mixture.   These larger seedlings started to grow nicely; that was until we had massive rain storms, which caused flooding in my garden. 

The water/moisture attracted bugs… know, those type of bugs that love to eat in your garden, as if it were a salad bar at a restaurant.

To stop the bugs from targeting my cabbage leaves, I mixed up a natural bug concoction out of water, alcohol, and Dawn dish soap, and sprayed it on the cabbage leaves directly.  This natural bug concoction/spray worked at killing off the bugs….that was until it rained again.  After each time it rained, I went back outside and re-sprayed the cabbage with the organic homemade bug spray.

After checking on my cabbage last night, I noticed these thin green looking worms munching down on the cabbage……here we go again!!!! 

This time, instead of a bug, its worms, munching down on the cabbage leaves.  Half of the leaves looked as if they were pieces of Swiss cheese with all the holes in them. I pulled off each and every worm…….squishing each one to death, and then sprayed my cabbage plants once again with the organic homemade bug spray.

Tonight while outside, I checked my cabbage plants, they’re doing well, no signs of worms.  I will continue to check my garden until harvest time; hopefully I’ll have some nice looking cabbage not too long from now.

These worms are called Cabbage Worms, nasty little boogers.  Bright green/blue in color, small and thin looking, and can be very destructive. I prefer to use organic homemade sprays to kill off bugs/worms.  Most people recommend using Bacillus Thuringiensis, an organic crystal protein, which paralyzes the digestive system of the insect.


Just to get out of the house, I took Bulldog Man (since he's still not allowed to drive until after he gets a release from his doctor because of his surgery) for a nice drive down to where we love to go fishing; down at Lake of the Arbuckles, Davis, Oklahoma to see what type of damage was done to the lake after all the storms we had.

We stepped out of the truck twice in the park, and walked to the edge where water was not supposed to be, to take these pictures.  The park was really messed up; old trees and vegetation are sitting in water. You could smell the stench of rotting vegetation because of all the sitting water.  It will be sometime before we can fish in our favorite location.  We may have to wait until winter to test the water……if you know what I mean.  

There was, however, two gorgeous butterflies flying around Bulldog Man and me as we took in all the damage to the lake and park.  I took a few pictures to share with you; the damage at the lake, and the beauty of two butterflies that wouldn’t leave us alone. 

Tomorrow is the infamous follow up doctor’s appointment for Bulldog Man to see if he gets released to return to work, and approval to be able drive anytime soon.  Folks, I must say he looks good for having his throat slit.  

Tell me about your weekend........

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Homestead Improvements, Bulldog et al

A little ditty about Bulldog Man……..
Surgery was the 11th of June, picture of neck after surgery.

Today, 23rd of June, picture of neck healing nicely, with Durabond peeling and falling off from around the incision.

My days consist of taking care of Bulldog Man, and making sure he gets his medications on time; and since he’s not allowed to lift, push, or pull anything over 10 pounds, raise his hands over his head, or drive…… I make sure to keep an eye on him so he doesn’t accidentally do what he’s not suppose to. 

Sound easy right???? 

Not with Bulldog Man…….he likes to do things himself without help unless he asks for it.  I think it has something to do with that stubborn streak which runs on the male side of his family……..LOL

Garden Updates
After harvesting all the onions, I cleaned out the raised bed, and prepared it for planting red potatoes.  Each potato seed was cut in half before planting in the soil.  Several tires were also cleaned out and planted with red potatoes.  In a couple of months we should have a nice stash of red potatoes to harvest and put away for winter meals.

Speaking of potatoes, 2 weeks ago, I harvested all my Yukon potatoes because the over abundance of rain destroyed the potato garden.  The other night I made a pot of Yukon Gold potatoes with fresh picked green beans, onions, black forest ham chunks, butter, salt and pepper to taste, and homemade vegetable broth.  This quick and easy meal came out really good; Bulldog Man gives it 4 paws up!!!

Here’s my 2nd green bean harvest from my garden.  These beans were added to the meal indicated above.

The cucumbers seeds planted in two large planters are finally taking off, climbing, and attaching to the feedlot panel used as a trellis.  I also see a few dinky cucumbers starting to grow.

About a month and a half, I planted flower seeds in my flower beds around the front door to attract bees, and butterflies.  These flowers are starting to bloom. 

The sunflowers are starting to really take off.  After dealing with all the rain we had in May and June, and the birds digging up the sunflower seeds, we finally have sunflowers growing.  Yes, you heard right……the birds were digging up the sunflower seeds I had planted, and ate them. 
Sunflowers are growing in the garden bed along with tons of weeds, and grass.

Not too long ago, I learned how to crochet from watching videos off of the internet and you tube.   I’m not a professional at crocheting at all; my first projects were small, making several dish cloths, and a toilet paper roll cover.  Bulldog Man had asked me to make an afghan for him later on.  Instead of waiting, I went ahead and started making his afghan; it took me about 6 weeks, working on it only part time.

Last night, I finished his afghan and presented it to him.  Here it is folks, the completed afghan I made for Bulldog Man. 

He can use the afghan in any direction.

He loves it, errors and all, and purchased me a bag to hold all of my needles, yarn, and notes for future projects.    

Do you crochet, knit, or have a hobby you do in your spare time?