Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bread-Hot Dog Rolls-Tree Clearing-Tank-Salve

It’s such a beautiful day today, worked outside for a while until it became too hot to be outside.  That’s when, I decided to make some bread and hot dog rolls.  I made two loaves of Traditional White Bread.  The recipe is from my friend Amy @
The recipe is easy to follow, and the bread is absolutely excellent.  If you are looking for a recipe for good White Bread, I suggest you go to Amy’s blog and try her bread recipe.

After making bread, I decided to make hot dog rolls.  I did this because we are having hot dogs for dinner tonight.  It was an experiment that turned out fabulous.  Now, I have one more recipe to add to my collection of items to continually make and freeze.

Bulldog Man and I worked on the property clearing some trees, many more to clean/clear out. We cut the main trunks off the trees and cut it down into fire wood and stacked alongside the house.  The remaining small branches we stacked for hauling off later.   We have this monster of a mess pictured below to clean/clear in the next couple of days in between real work that pays the bills.
A Dead Evergreen to Tackle
On a real positive note, our son Tank was hired on in town at the local house and ranch supply store part time, working in the garden and agriculture section.  He’s trying to save up money to buy a truck for himself after graduating school.  In the meantime, Mom is his limo service to and from work.

***UPDATE, Several of my blogging friends requested updates on the Salve I made for Arthritis.  I am going to thin out the Salve to make it easier to use.  I believe I placed a little too much bee’s wax in the mix.  I did however, use a little on my husband’s back and he liked it, stated it made his back feel warm.  So come the next several weeks, I will update you in full regarding the end result on using the Salve.


  1. Is that salve good for tendinitis? My knee is flaring up again and ibuprofen is not cutting the mustard.

    1. MMAsse,The salve I made is specifically for arthiritis however, the Bulk Herb Store may have a premade salve for tendinitis. They also have herb mixes where you make your own salve with different oils and vitamins. Recommendation to check it out or try it(it is an Arthiritis Mix which contains ginger root, echinacea leaf, st. johns wort, bosweilia serrata and cayenne, the specific page is: ) on your tendinitis and let us know. The mixture is easy to make with a crock pot. The Herb company provide the instructions below the herbs mixture on the same page). We have not used it for tendinitis ourselves, just arthiritis and it worked great.
      Now the Bulk Herb Store has this premade salve called Eden Salve that is suppose to help pain, burns and bites. I have placed the website below and pulled up the Eden Salve page for you.

    2. Sorry for the late reply; thanks!

    3. MMassee, No worries, life keeps everyone real busy. Have you tried ice on your knee? Maybe some potassium?

    4. Yeah I tried ice but not potassium. I usually have Celebrex on hand for this but my supplier is "busy" at the moment. I did look up those salves and found one that will work. I just need to buy it and then make it according to their instructions.

    5. Have you check the companies website to see if they have the salve your looking at already made?