Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thank You - Join Site

Thank You For Joining My Site With Google Friend Connect.

These are blog sites I read, follow and recommend you visit.  Great people, with information relating to homesteading, farming, cooking, protection and what ever tickles their fancy.

SciFiChick @ Bacon and Eggs
Glo @ Off The Grid At - 30
Carolyn Renee @ Krazo Acres
Kimberly @ Camp and Cottage Living
Robin @ The Gardener of Eden
Hill Billy @ Gravy and Biscuits
Tea4too0 @ Wondering, Wandering, Wishing


  1. Your welcome Sandy! Thanks for the mention!

    1. YW, I can't wait to see what your cooking for the Italian
      next :-)

  2. Thank you, for the mention, and thank you for having such an interesting place to come visit. T