Monday, March 19, 2012

Thank You, Bad Weather, Great Product

A special thanks goes out to Angela at, she had a contest give away on her blog for a Life Straw, from Eartheasy and I won the giveaway.  Angela’s blog, Food Storage and Survival Adventures in Self Reliance is a wonderful blog to follow.  She gives you great advice on survival, preparedness and self reliance.
On to our weather, last night through tonight we are expecting severe storms with potential tornadoes, 100 % heavy rain, possible flooding, hail and wind.  I’ve pulled in all of our potted flowers and vegetables and have prayed that the seeds we’ve already planted don’t wash away.

Map of Weather From Our Local News Channel 9

I would like to introduce you to a product I found at Whole Foods a couple of years ago.  This product can be used full strength for tough jobs or diluted for general cleaning.  It’s a natural citrus cleaner and degreaser.  It’s called CitraSolv. I have used it in the house to clean floors, walls, stove, oven, and on clothes. CitraSolv leaves a citrus orange fragrance throughout your house.  I have also used this product outside to remove grease, paint, and even gum. This bottle pictured below will last me approximately 2 – 5 months.  The cost, depending on the store you purchase it from will range anywhere from $8.99 – 16.00.

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