Thursday, January 16, 2014

Join, Welcome, Give - Away, Seeds, Lights, Re-Stock

I would like to start my post out by welcoming new friends, Kellyr78 from and Retsetc (no blog name found) to my Blog.


Tomorrow is the last day to register for the Canning Kit and the Blue Book by Ball.  If you haven’t registered, and want to participate in the give – away, go here to register.  


I’ve been reading through all of my seed catalogs, and sorting through the seeds saved to figure out exactly what I would like to plant this spring.  My garden plans are coming together nicely.  Several days ago, I placed an order with Baker Creek for heirloom seeds; these should be coming in any time now.  Bulldog Man and I also have plans to experiment on planting in several straw bales come spring.   We also need to put in place a water drip system.
I’ve also researched the internet for greenhouse lights that will work well with seed/seedlings, and save me money in the long run. 

I came across Fluorescent Plant Grow lights on the ACF Greenhouses site.  These lights are energy efficient, 75 to 90 lumens per watt. The lights are great, they produce less heat, allowing the placement of the light to be closer to the seedlings/plant, and the lights have better color rendering properties.  And in the end, the overall cost of purchasing two of these lights, were less expensive than other websites previously viewed.


My celery ends, that I’ve been saving for a couple of months, have been growing on my kitchen window sill in small bowls of water.  Here’s a picture of one.  I will keep each of them in separate bowls and grow them this way until I can no longer keep them standing, then I will transfer them into my garden come spring.


Today, I took my extra 25 pound bags of bread flour and sugar and refilled the storage containers used in my kitchen.  Tomorrow when I head into town, I need to make sure to refill my pantry with several new 25 pound bags of all purpose, bread, and whole wheat flour.  I need to also remember to get another sugar as well. 
Is your pantry up to date on supplies for cooking and baking in the upcoming months/years?
How are you storing your long term supplies in your pantry? 



  1. All that and no reload?

    We didn't order from anywhere else this year but Baker Creek. Another week or so and I will be starting my tomatoes.

    I really hope we have another good year this year.

    1. PP,

      No reload, I haven't reloaded in months.

      I love Baker Creek, and will use them all the time.

      Yes, let's have a really good year with all the vegetables, fruit, bees, and animals.

  2. Registered the other day thank you....I too have been drooling over seed mags look forward to ordering...already ordered my trees and berries.....your celery ends look wonderful.....and on the storage of flour, sugar etc...I store mine in old olive barrels and they have kept well for the past couple years. Absolutely no bugs!!!

    1. M.E.,

      I received without exaggerating 12 seed catalogs this year. Ordered with Baker Creek as usual. There are a few other seeds, trees, and flowers I would love to time.
      These containers I use for my flour, sugar....ect are setup, work great for immediate use. I've not once had a bug / pest problem with them. Now I have larger containers for my additional bags of flour, sugar ect..... and they are sealed and set aside.

  3. How nice to be welcomed. Thank you, Sandy. You replied to my canning guide entry. retsetc is me, Sissy/Carolyn...ha, and a dozen others I'm called, depending on who all is calling me - a great grandma now!

    Mmm, love those seed catalogues! I need some to wish upon. Clicking gets my blog, although I haven't done much with it this past year. Life hurdles, you know.

    Wow, you bake a lot. Can't find such large bags flour here. I wish.

  4. Sissy,

    You're very welcome, I look forward to seeing more of you :-)

    I wish you luck on the give-away.

    Yes, I bake a lot and purchase larger bags of different types of flour and sugar.

  5. Sandy, I just addressed this issue when I found KA in 25-lb bags. What do you use for storing large amounts of flour. I know Pleasant Hill Grain has 5 gallon special containers; I may have to spring for them.