Wednesday, February 14, 2018

That's My Toy!

Bulldog Man is learning how to use the Mebo 2.0 drone.  We purchased the Mebo drone to use in the tight spaces under the house in our crawlspace for checking on the plumbing and pipes.  This drone is capable of taking pictures and video.  It has a functioning arm and a flash light built in the center of the arm.

Why not learn how Mebo operates, and get the feel for it's controls while playing with Beans our dog.


  1. That's outstanding. Now if only they would make little hellfire missiles for it!

  2. I was rooting for Beans to go into attack mode and beat the stuffings out of that annoying little machine that kept stealing his toys! ;o)

    1. Mama Pea,

      Beans won, he took his toys away from Mebo. He also let Mebo know whos boss😊

  3. Ha ha Beans! Good dog! I didn't know they made that kind of drone. Looks very useful!