Friday, June 3, 2016

Garden Info., Rocks, & Surgery

It’s raining, pouring, and finally vegetables are growing!!!  Here are several pictures identifying growth in several of my raised garden beds this season.
Here are some blossoms, and evidence of our first green bean (baby in size) growing this season. 

In two pots, I’ve potted two different types of cucumbers. Here’s evidence the cucumbers are starting to grow, baby cucumbers and blossoms.  It won’t be long until I have full grown cucumbers to harvest and make bread and butter pickles. 

Additional evidence of new growth; blossoms on my tomato plants are showing.  Since we’ve been getting all kinds of rain, it’s time to give the tomato plants and blossoms some nutrients of Epsom salt and distilled water sprayed directly on the plants.  This helps the plants grow and maintain their vibrant color.  We all know what too much rain will do to our plants.

I’ve harvested our first Marconi Sweet Pepper to add to our salad.  It turned out very sweet and tasty, complementing our salad completely.

Here are a few small baby Green Bell Peppers growing nicely in the garden, they’re not quite ready for harvesting.  I need to give them a few more weeks.  

Another handful of strawberries harvested while working in the garden.  I’ll make sure they don’t make it into the house :-)

This season, I picked up a new rose bush called a Lemon Drop, Own Root Miniature to sit on my front porch.  The winds of Oklahoma seem to keep knocking this baby over.  I pulled out one of my extra clay pots from my garden, and Bulldog Man lined the base of this clay pot with two bricks, and I re-potted the rose bush with fresh soil, and lined the top of the soil with some neat looking rocks from a collection of rocks I inherited from my Mom.  

I don’t think this pot will get knocked over from the wind anytime soon.  It’s too heavy for me to move, so I think it will be just fine.

The vibrant yellow flowers smell sweet like fresh fruit.  And every time the front door is opened, there’s a fresh aroma of sweetness that rolls in.

They’re several rocks I didn’t use in the rose bush pot, they’re special and who knows…..maybe worth something?? 

Picture Source
Tuesday, I spent my day at the hospital having outpatient surgery.  Surgery went well; I had Laparoscopic Cholecystecotmy with Cholangiogram.  
Picture source: Internet Dye Process

Meaning, I had a removal of my gall bladder with a special dye test to the bile duct to ensure there were no other issues requiring additional surgery. 
Late Tuesday, I returned home with orders to take it easy for 4 weeks.  No lifting of anything over 10 pounds.  Having surgery this way makes it easier to recuperate and not be away from the homestead too long. 

My Arm Swollen From Other Needles Used Before Intravenous, and Antibiotics 

Poor Bulldog Man, he has to cook, clean, and put up with me for the next 4 weeks…..on top of working a regular full time job.  

We’re Family Strong…..we can get through anything!


  1. Pretty rocks and nice looking plants. I will live my gardening through you this year!!!

    So you got that gallbladder taken out? My doc has hinted around at me getting that done from time to time.

    1. PP,

      I thought the rocks were nice looks as well. I kept the real pretty ones inside my house. Yes, my gall bladder was taken out, and additional tests were run because I has severe pains (felt like a massive heart attack). Surgeon thought stones may have lodged inside a duct or in another organ. I recommend if you have to have your gall bladder removed have it done laparoscopic-ally.

  2. Tell Bulldog Man it's only 4 weeks...if you had had the old fashion surgery you would be grounded for 6-8 weeks. Good news is you should be feeling much better with the gallbladder out.

    Sending lots of wishes for a speedy recovery :)


    1. Suz,

      Oh Girl, Bulldog Man is very aware he's lucky it's just 4 weeks and not longer. I have to admit, he's being a great NURSE.....LOL!!!!

      Thank you so much, I already feel so much better. I had no idea the lower back pain I've been experiencing was a symptom of a bad gall bladder.

  3. Sweet Sandy - your garden looks beautiful and i love that rose! and the rocks! i'm like your mom and used to collect rocks back in the city but now here - there are all kinds of interesting and different rocks that i just like to notice and touch. you are sounding pretty spry for having just had surgery...but i will tell you what you told me - follow the doctor's advice! my dentist wanted me to wait 2 months and i will have an appointment next week for the first fitting. eating mushy food has sucked! but you told me to listen to him. so i am telling you to listen to your doctor - 4 weeks no doing anything even remotely strenuous. you are a good healer and an optimistic person in general so i know that after 2 weeks yer gonna be all "oh heck - i'm fine"...and be worried about the garden and stuff. no way missy - 4 full weeks to heal! jambaloney will keep you in trout and we will both keep you in love.

    tell BDMan how very terribly sorry i am that he has to put up with you for 4 weeks - bahahahahaahh! i love you Gurl! heal up now!

    sending lots of love to you and yours from both of us! your friends,
    kymber and jambaloney

    1. Sweet Kymber,

      Thank you Girlie, I've been trying real hard to keep the garden going with all the rain we've been having. Rocks are fun to collect, there's just so many of them, and there all different.....never the same. I collect rocks as well, and have them in this large vase for show.

      I'm being very careful, it's only been 4 days since surgery. Today Bulldog Man and I drove into town and walked a little bit in the store because we needed a few things. I actually sat down at the front of the store to rest a little bit. I refused to take a wheel chair because I could still walk, just need a break every now and then. Yes Ma'am, I will follow through with all the doctors orders. Otherwise, Bulldog Man will kick my butt!!!!!

      You definitely need to listen to your dentist as well. I'm really excited for you....getting new teeth, and can't wait to hear all about your appointment next week.

      Bulldog Man said he was going to ship me up to y'all so you could deal with me instead of him....he say's I'm bullheaded....LOL

      Love you too Girlie. Sending you both hugs and love.

  4. Oh my I didn't know you were going through that! I'm glad you are home and all is going well. Like Kymber said, listen to doctors orders, they do know best! Most of the time, ha. Your garden is looking great! Thanks for the tip about the epsome salt on the 'maters. I am going to the farm tomorrow for the first time in two weeks. I have no idea what I'll find but if it looks half as nice as yours, I'd be happy.

    Healing wishes!!

    1. 1st Man,

      I don't wish surgery on anyone. This is not something I expected to happen. However, I'm glad to have a great military surgeon, a major of all things. And will make sure to follow through with all of his instructions.

      You've been away from the farm for two weeks, I hope everything is okay. Maybe you'll be nicely surprise with all your vegetables growing tall from all this rain??

      Thank you for the healing wishes.

  5. Keep those beautiful garden pictures coming . . . it gives me hope I'll actually get wonderful veggies like that if I'm just patient!

    That lemon rose must be something else. How wonderful! I've never heard of one like that before.

    Do nothing for 4 weeks, huh? You are Family Strong as you say and they will take as good care of you as they can, but I also know you are Woman Strong (!) and I venture to say you'll be feeling like getting back in the game long before 4 weeks is up. Just be sure to listen to your body, and back off if you need to. In the long run, you'll heal faster!

    1. Mama Pea,

      I will keep the garden pictures coming as long as Bulldog Man isn't watching me too close (hehehehehe).
      You'll have beautiful vegetables soon my dear friend.

      My Lemon Drop rose bush is beautiful, I just love the sweet smell of it's flowers. This is the first time I've heard of such a rose bush myself. When I seen it at the nursery, I knew I had to have it. Every time we open the front door we can smell the sweet roses.

      You know me too well. I can't just sit around, I'm a person who always works. I'll work lightly, making sure not to over do it. Take many breaks, and not lift anything that's more than 10 pounds. This evening I got into a coughing fit, had a pillow against my abdomen while coughing in an attempt to avoid pain. When having this surgery, I was incubated to help with breathing, and a tube was put down my throat into my abdomen to push air through in to my abdomen (normal process) so the surgeon could work on my organs. After surgery and removal of the equipment, your throat remains sore,swollen, and dry (causing the tickle and the cough). I've got my handy dandy organic cough drops, hot tea, and honey to soothe my throat. Things are getting better, it will just take a little time and patience. I'm listening to my body, and backing off when necessary.

  6. Oh Sandy! Do follow doctor's orders!. So glad you have Bulldog Man to take care of you.

    Your garden looks fabulous. I just love this time of year, when things are in their baby veggie stage. Hopefully the weather will cooperate so you don't get too much rain.

    1. Leigh,

      I'm trying real hard to follow my doctors orders. I find it hard to sit still for long periods of time. I'm not someone who doesn't do anything for a day.
      This morning, Bulldog Man lectured me about over doing things.....that's because my belly button incision hurt, and I couldn't get comfortable. The reason for this is because I was on my feet too much yesterday, and I picked the beans (which is a big

      Thank you, my garden is doing okay. I'm not tending to it as I would like. I love baby stages as well. It looks like this week we won't have the rain we've been having.

  7. Things will wait. Enjoy the down time instead of counting jobs. Please take care of yourself.

    Garden looks great. We are tying the cucumbers. And keep getting rain which is a blessing. I know we will be wanting it in August and September.

    1. Gail,

      I know this however, you know how stubborn I am. You know I don't like sitting or staying in bed all day.

      Thanks, my cukes aren't long enough to tie back yet. It looks like the rain has slowed down. This week is suppose to be very hot outside.

  8. Gosh. I'm sure sorry you had to put up with all that. Is there anything worse than a hospital? It's good it's behind you.

    1. Harry,

      I am a person who hates having to go to the hospital for anything. I have what they call fear of the doctors white causes my blood pressure to go up and my heart rate. Thank God I only had to stay for several hours, and the surgeon did the surgery as an out patient surgery. It's all behind me, I must still go to a few follow up appointments. Other than that life is good. I have a husband who enjoys taking care of me.

  9. Great idea for your rose bush! You be sure to follow orders, my girl. I know you will want to be out in your garden doing things. You just lean on your Bulldog Man and he'll take good care of you. xoxo

    1. Susan,

      I wanted to do something different besides planting the bush in a nice pot. I remembered all the rocks I brought home from the estate, and decided to use some of them.

      Yes, Ma'am.....I'm really trying to follow doctors and husbands orders. It's hard when your always doing things and doing for others. Bulldog man gave me a lecture yesterday about being outside picking beans. I did too much bending over, and today I feel it. So Bulldog Man was right, today I'm lounging around the house and doing absolutely nothing.