Wednesday, December 9, 2015

**Recommendation - Hard Wood Repairs

While my Mom was sick, and before her passing, the tank-less water heater (located in the attic) pipes’ froze, causing a crack in the pipes, resulting in a substantial water leak.  The water leaked through the ceiling in the family room, down an archway, and on to the living room wood flooring.  The damage was extensive, and you know expensive.  We needed to find someone experienced with wood floors, a person who could carve wood, and stain it precisely to match the non-damaged carved wood flooring. 
After thorough research, Carlos Cosio, of Cosio Design Floors, was the hardwood expert we contracted to complete the work.   Carlos, without hesitation, came in, and looked at the existing water damage.  He asked what had happened. After explaining the situation, he came up with a plan of action to address the problem. Carlos was hired.  He and his assistant measured the damage area, and then proceeded to cut out the ruined/damaged wood.  The damaged wood was removed, allowing direct access to the concrete pad.  To ensure the floor was dry, Carlos requested the area remain open and exposed for 3 days.  Carlos returned with quality wood and proceeded to glue down the wood; exactly as before in place of the wood removed.   After gluing the wood, it was necessary to make sure all the new wood was exposed to the moisture/temperature of the house for one week, before hand carving and staining.  

After a week, Carlos returned, and created a plastic barrier (tent) around the problem area, to prevent dust from getting all over, and prevent it later from getting into the stain.  

Carlos, the professional that he is, explained every step he took making sure our questions were answered, and we were comfortable with the process, and satisfied with his work.

Carlos sanded and hand carved the wood floor with a hand scraper, ensuring the scraped pattern matched the pattern on the existing floor.  He cleaned up all the scrapings, and then brought in his wood stains to work with us in matching the color of the existing floor.  Once we found the exact stain match, he stained the floor, and then put down polyurethane on the new wood.  The floor needed time to dry. After 36 hours Carlos planned on returning to polyurethane all the floors in our parents’ home; to make them look new and presentable once again. 

Blogger friends, Carlos Cosio of Cosio Design Floors out of the Dallas / Ft. Worth area is a true professional, who makes sure his customers are totally satisfied with the work he provides. If you’re in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area and need help with your wood flooring, or just want wood floors, Carlos Cosio of Cosio Design Floors is someone I would highly recommend.  We are very satisfied with his work.  I’ve placed Carlos Cosio’s name and number permanently in my rolodex.

You know me friends; I don’t advertise openly, or recommend unless I’ve used the company, product, and / or services. 
With Carlos Cosio’s help, we’re one step closer to finishing the repairs at my parents’ home.

What a true blessing!

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  1. Always good to hear about people that take pride in their craftsmanship. Good find, and thanks for the recommendation.

  2. It is wonderful to find someone so good at what they do.

  3. I am guessing I am a bit far out for a call though :)

  4. Yay, Carlos! This is what we are lacking these days . . . more people like Carlos who are true craftsmen, experts in their trade of "working with their hands." Not to dismiss the brain power it takes to learn and execute their craft!

  5. He's an artist! It is like gold, finding someone who is so talented, hardworking and honest. Pure gold!