Wednesday, September 2, 2015

All Kinds of Pictures

Blogger Friends, your heart felt support, and prayers have helped us get through this difficult time of losing a loved one.  Thank you all for being there for our family.  

This is a 2012 movie trailer clip by IMAX, taken from You Tube.  I wanted to share this video clip with you about the Monarch Butterfly.  These butterflies are truly angelic, have you had a Monarch Butterfly that won’t leave you alone?  Since the passing of our loved ones we’ve had numerous butterflies flying around us while outside.

This video brings back memories of a camping trip several years back.  Bulldog Man and I went on a hunt for a nice place to pitch a tent.  We came across this beautiful park just west of where we live.  As Bulldog Man and I walked down the trail to the camping site, there was this tree, it looked like it was animated…….when in actuality it was just loaded from the base to the top with Monarch Butterflies flapping their wings just like in this video.   Just a small glimpse of God’s creation Mother Nature, enjoy.

I would like to welcome new Blogger friends to my blog.  It’s a true pleasure having you follow my blog, please sit back and enjoy the ride. 
Art Work From Pixaby
Garden Updates in Pictures:

Cukes, Tomatoes, and Jalapenos Harvest

Squash?  Or Squash and Zucchini Harvest?

Squash Harvest
Squash Plants Just Taking Off, They're Just About My Height
Squash Plants With All Kinds Of Blossoms

Oregano, Growing Like Crazy

Fall Potatoes Growing Nicely

Tomatillo's Growing Like Crazy
Replant of Beans For Fall Garden, Growing Nicely

Beans Waiting Patiently For Dad To Get Out Of Work.

 Here are a few pictures from our ride to and from Texas this last trip.


The Deer Were All Over This Neighborhood.  We Took It As A Short Cut To Our Parents Home

Drive Home, Fire On The Dry Grass Along The Highway

 Here are a few pictures of the baby hummingbirds visiting our feeders:

These hummingbirds appear to be from the same family.  There are approximately 5 birds, and their colors vary.  We’ve seen gray, black, and green birds with red and white throats.  

Over the next couple of months my access to the computer will be limited while I take care of business dealing with the estate in Texas. Thank goodness for adult children, they’ve been helping with the homestead while I take care of business down south.  Please be patient with me while I get through this part of life.   


  1. Very good pictures; it's nice to see all those healthy veggies, too.

    p.s. I'll be having coffee with Bulldog Man this evening. :)

    1. Rev. Paul,

      Thank you my friend :-)
      These vegetables are coming from a replanted garden. We had to much rain, I had to replant.
      I know, I'm so jealous!!! You too have fun :-)

  2. Wonderful pictures. Glad you had some beauty mixed in with the sad.

    I will be here.

    1. Gail,

      Thank you my dear friend, your always there for me. Remember, I'm here for you too! It is so nice to see all these beautiful things the good Lord provides us.

      Hugs and love to you and yours.

  3. Sweet Sandy - all of the pics are beautiful and it is always so enjoyable to see pics of the places where our friends live. your produce is really coming in and i am glad that your son is taking care of the gardens. we don't have any monarch butterflies here, but we do have tons of yellow swallowtail butterflies - they always fly and play in two's - it is very sweet! i will try and get you a picture. we have the same hummingbirds as you - but i think we have 3 trillion - bahahah! they zoom and zip and zang at the feeders, but don't forget our little guy "fat boy"...he guards the one feeder like a maniac! but we have 4 more feeders all around the yard for the rest of the hummers.

    katiyja is doing fine but wearing us out - you would laugh if you saw her and jam out running around. but man, what a handfull.

    anyway Sweet Sandy - i know that this period in your life is difficult, and i understand that there is a lot on your plate taking care of both your mom, and your dad's, estates and affairs. you know where me and jam, and JUGM are if you need any of us. jam is going mackerel fishing next week...and he's taking you with him. he'll take all kinds of pictures out at the ocean and we'll post them for you.

    we are both sending you all much love. jam says he's sending a very special hug just to you. your friends,
    kymber and jambaloney

    1. Sweet Kymber and Jambaloney,
      The pictures of the house with deer doesn't belong to anyone in the family. We were just cutting through the neighborhood to get to our parents homestead. This neighborhood has the lake around it, it's across the highway from our parents place. The produce is just awesome, the plants are producing plenty for freezing, and canning. Those hummingbirds are so silly, I actually played sound from a video of hummingbirds singing, and the actual birds at my feeders pounced around me.

      Katiyja is going to keep you two on your tippy toes, lol.......
      Running her, and keeping her busy will tire her out to where she will sleep through the night for you. If you have a problem with her whining in the middle of the night, she may be missing her mom. I found the old fashion wind up clock next works well if you place it next to her she will think it's her mom's heart beat. Can't wait to see pictures.

      Can't wait to go mackerel fishing, I have my gear ready .......hurry up Jam I'm waiting impatiently, LOL......

      Thank you both for your hugs and love. Sending hugs and love to you both too.
      Your Friend,

  4. All the best to you, Sandy. Thank you for the wonderful photographs! I love hummingbirds! We will all be thinking about you while you're doing what needs to be done.

    1. Susan,

      Thank you so very much Susan. I enjoyed taking the picture but didn't have my 35 mm digital, these are from the cell phone. There's so much to be done, sometimes I just step back and shake my head.

  5. Good you have family looking after your place when you need to be elsewhere. We'll all wait patiently for you to get back to your normal routine, that's for sure.

    Beautiful pictures you shared with us. Bounty from your garden and nature surrounds.

    This morning as I stumbled out to the kitchen, I looked at the dive-bombing the hummers were doing to the feeder right outside the window. I glanced at what I thought had to be the biggest hummingbird I'd ever seen . . . it was a nuthatch just slurping away like he belonged there!

    1. Mama Pea,

      Thank you Mama Pea, yes.....I have adult kids over the age of 22 looking after our place and watering the garden beds.

      The pictures were taken with my cell phone. As for the veggies, the fall plantings are really providing a nice harvest. The squash bugs are few and far between with planting after June 30.

      Those hummingbirds are crazy, they fly all over the place and have no fear!!! What's a nuthatch? I'll have to look them up on the computer to see what they look like.

  6. Amazing hummer pics Sandy. They are so hard to get pictures of I am in awe.

    Again sorry about your loss and thank you for sharing all these wonderful pictures glad to see you getting back into the groove again. If there is anything I can do just let me know.

    1. PP,

      Thanks PP!!! I was outside working and the hummers were buzzing all around me.

      I'm getting back into the groove. It's just hard going through 50+ years of stuff. Thank you for the offer my friend, I think were doing okay.

  7. It's always baby steps but you are doing them well. Have been thinking of you and your family.

    What great pictures you shared and that squash! Yum!!

    1. 1st Man,
      Yes, it's baby steps.....plenty of baby steps :-)
      Thank you for your thoughts!

      The pictures are quickies with the cell phone. As for the squash, this is a second seed planting the end of June, and the squash bugs are few and far between. So for now on I will plant squash the first of July.

  8. Your pictures are beautiful. Your trip makes me envious. It's been so long since my wife and I actually made a real trip to anywhere.

    1. Harry,

      Thank you, I love taking pictures. I wish I had my 35 mm but didn't because It wasn't a trip for pleasure. It was a trip to work on going through stuff on the estate. The pictures of the animals is when we took a break from working, and the trip of the sunsets was when we were traveling to my parents home.

      One of my favorite things to do, is to take very short trips with my husband even just for the day to areas close by our homestead. Surprise your wife, and pack a small lunch in a cooler and take her for a ride down the mountain to some place locally.

  9. What wonderful photos!
    Glad you have a good "crew" to watch over things while you're gone.
    Take care

    1. Sue,

      Thank you!
      Yes, we always have a good group of guys (our sons and their friends) to take care of the homestead when we go.

  10. Sounds like you still have some work ahead of you, Sandy. In the midst of all that work, take some fun time with your sister to reminisce and enjoy the memories. Don't work too hard.


    1. Fern, and Frank,

      Yes Ma'am we have all kinds of work to complete. My sister, hubby, and I have been reminiscing, laughing and crying.....all part of morning. I promise we won't work hard, in fact we have plans of going swimming. There's a pool and jacuzzi at the house, we plan on using it while there.

  11. Sandy, your garden is looking really good. The photos of your trip are really good too. I know it's a sad time for you. Hang in there.

    1. Leigh,

      My garden has taken off after the third or is it the fourth planting due to all that rain we had. The sunsets are gorgeous out there in Texas, and I love taking pictures of them. Were taking it one day at a time :-)

  12. Well did you manage to take any of the deer home with you, not breathing of course? Jokes aside, like JUGM has said, I don't know how much help I could be for the Estate stuff as the laws may be different out there, but if you have a question, just ask.

  13. Senior,

    I wish, our freezer has some extra room. This area where we drove through is across from the area where our folks house is located, the deer are well protected.....Darn!!!!
    Senior, thank you so much. If we have questions regarding the estate stuff, we will contact you or Jugm. I just wish my parents had prepared for their end of life (wills, medical, ect) instead of leaving those decisions for us. Because my sister and I are always questioning ourselves about whether we've done the right thing.

    Love and hugs to you, JUGM, and your Boys

  14. So many pretty photos, Sandy! I didn't know anything about the angelic association with monarchs.
    You take all the time you need down south and I'll be here when you get back.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.