Sunday, September 15, 2013

Grass Again!!! Pasta Primavera

Yesterday was such a beautiful day; temperatures were in the low 70’s when Bulldog Man and I pulled out the lawn mower, bagger, and weed whacker, to tackle the grass on the property.  We were able to bag most of the front, part of the side, and all of the back of the property. 

In another couple of weeks, we won’t be worrying about cutting the grass.  It will start turning colder and the grass with die off until spring.  Both Bulldog Man and I will be looking forward to the break of cutting the grass.

We picked a few of our chocolate peppers (actually, Bulldog Man hit the plant while cutting the grass around the garden boxes and one of the limbs’ broke off).  Instead of wasting the peppers, we harvested the seeds (I have even pulled some for SciFiChick), and chopped the peppers up to place in dinner. 

What’s for dinner???

Pasta Primavera!!!

Talk about delicious and somewhat healthy, I made a pasta primavera with pasta, various vegetables and some parmesan cheese.
Pasta Primavera

3 carrots cut into thin strips

2 medium zucchini cut into thin strips

2 yellow squash cut into thin strips

1 red pepper cut into thin strips

1 yellow pepper cut into thin strips

3 chocolate peppers cut into thin strips (I put these in because we broke a branch on our plant)

Olive oil to your taste (preference)

¼ teaspoon red pepper flakes

1 tablespoon dried herbs de Provence

1 box of bowtie pasta

Cherry tomatoes cut in half (you select how many to put in, I used 12

Parmesan cheese (to your liking)

Salt and Pepper (to your liking)


Place all cut up vegetables, except the tomatoes, on a baking sheet, coat the vegetables with Olive oil, red pepper flakes,  herbs de Provence, salt and pepper, and bake at 400 degrees until cooked thoroughly, about 20 – 25 minutes.  I like my vegetables slightly crunchy.  Boil water and cook the bowtie pasta for 8 minutes.  Strain pasta when done cooking and make sure to save a cup or two of the pasta water.  Place pasta in large bowl, dump roasted vegetables over the pasta, put your tomatoes in the bowl, and mix gently.  Add Parmesan cheese to bowl and serve hot.  If you want to have more liquid to your dish, pour a little of the pasta water you saved over the dish.


  1. I for one am sure glad the grass mowing has slowed way down myself. The gas expenditure was killing me.

    1. PP,

      I hate cutting the grass. Gas was higher the beginning of the week. Our prices have come down a bit on Saturday.

  2. Sounds delicious. I love primavera in any shape & form! We had Chicken Piccata tonight & it was wonderful.

    1. DFW,

      It actually was very good. I try to find quick and easy meals, especially when we're busy during the weekend. Yum Chicken Piccata, I'm coming to your home for left overs lol......

  3. Okay, hope you have leftovers. I am heading that way!

    1. Gail,

      I made a large bowl for left overs. This way the guys have something for their lunches. I try to make left overs every time I cook so the guys don't go out and buy lunch.

    2. Gail,

      Plenty, come on over!!!

  4. Oh that looks delicious I could go for a plate of that right now. Breakfast anyone?:) No more cutting the grass sounds wonderful.B

    1. B,

      Thanks! I can eat pasta and pizza for breakfast anytime, lol........

      Grass cutting is coming to an end, can't wait.

  5. Hey Sandy,
    That pasta looks Y.U.M.M.Y. And so easy to do too. I absolutely love pasta, shoot I could eat it most every day if it were just me. Mars .... not so much. He calls anything *I mean ANYTHING with pasta in it "Noodle Crap". So you know anytime I make pasta for dinner and he asks what are we having? Well Noodle Crap of course!
    Oh girl, thanks for pulling me some seed back from those babies. I've got three pepper plants out there that are supposed to be "Peppers Straight From Hell" hot. I'll be sure to save you some seed from those. Of course I can only remember the freaking name of one of them. *sigh*

    1. Sci,

      I can eat pasta meals anytime, I don't need to have meat. Beans are good too.

      My son is like Mars, pasta crap again, lol.....

      Another day or two and the seeds should be totally dry. I'll get them in the mail to you soon.

  6. Our lawn got mowed on Friday, for probably the last time this year. It was 37 this morning, so we're not far from the first frost of the season. And if the Old Farmer's Almanac is right, we could have a heavy snow in early October.

    The pasta sounds wonderful. Maybe we'll treat ourselves to a carb-heavy meal, one of these days. :)

    1. Rev. Paul,

      I'm so happy you don't have to cut the grass any more. I may have one or two more times and I think that's it.

      Temperatures are cooling only at night in the mid 60's.

      Stay warm!

  7. Fresh vegetables just make everything taste so much better !!

  8. I have never heard of a chocolate pepper. Must investigate!

    No grass for us. Just 640 acres of alfalfa to cute every 28 to 30 days from June to September. We are just starting the last cutting of hay now!

    The recipe looks yummy! Will give it a try. =)

    1. Desert Hen,

      I never heard of them until I found them at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I ordered a packet to try, the seeds taste wonderful. There light, not strong, and a little sweet. There great in salads or just eating right off the plant.

      You have your hands full with alfalfa cutting, don't work to hard!!!

      The recipe is easy, and makes for a great meal....enjoy!

  9. This is a good recipe, for me to try. my family would probably love it!