Sunday, August 12, 2012

Your Thoughts?

What are your thoughts of U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan as the next U.S. Vice President?


  1. I'm happy. Go to my page and look up "The Michael Bane Blog" found on my blog list. I believe it says it all.

    1. Okay Matt, I've looked at your page and pulled up Michael Bane (I love watching Best Defense) and believe his post truly says it all!!!
      I'm a happy camper too :-)

  2. I think Paul Ryan will be good. I think he is kind of a Tea Party favorite so it should bring votes. At any rate he is light years ahead of Biden as a VP

  3. Biden is proof that the vice-president is about as useful as an unloaded gun.

    I just keep hoping Mitt doesn't shoot himself in the foot. When Obama removed the "working" requirement for welfare, he got every lazy assed vote out there. Scary.

  4. Sandy
    I personally like Paul Ryan, but whether he will help Mitt get elected I'm unsure of.
    I do love your banner, Sandy. Where was the photo taken?

  5. Kimberly,
    Anything is better than what we have right now. I like Paul Ryan too.
    My banner photo was taken when Bulldog Man and I went to Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma, just west of Lawton, Oklahoma. It's a beautiful place to camp and bring family for hiking.

  6. I think this is the best pairing we've had in the last 40+ years. A proven businessman and a skilled budget maker taught by the best.
    Let's hope we capture the Senate and get back to normal!

  7. really two white self idulgent men that are working to destroy social security, safety nets for the middle class while giving further tax breaks to their 1% friend and continuing to pay little if not any taxes to help pay for education, hiways or jobs.