Friday, May 4, 2012

Rare White Non-Albino Buffalo

Picture from KDFW Fox 4 Dallas-Ft Worth
There is nothing more sacred to the Native Americans, than the rare non-albino white buffalo.  Only 1 out of every 10 million is born a rare non-albino white buffalo.  Last year, on May 12, 2011, a baby non-albino white buffalo was born and being raised on a Lakota Buffalo Ranch near Greenville, Texas.  This buffalo was honored and given the name of Lightning Medicine Cloud. 
Arby Little Soldier, owner of The Lakota Buffalo Ranch where Lightning Medicine Cloud was located, came home from being out of town to a horrific scene.  The sacred baby calf was killed and skinned.  The very next day, Lightning Medicine Cloud’s mother was also found dead.
Lightning Medicine Cloud was not just a beautiful non-albino white buffalo.  He was a sacred symbol of hope to all Indian nations.  “In Lakota spirituality, our survival as people depends on believing in and heeding the white buffalo’s sacred message, which urges us to live the understanding that all living being are linked and interdependent.” -- Melanie J Martin
Why would anyone take the life of a symbol of spirituality? Why weren’t Native spiritual values honored? 
This is a terrible, hateful crime; a spiritual injustice.  This should never happen, I pray for justice to be served. God Bless our Native Americans.

Martin, Melanie J. “The White Buffalo: A Living Prophecy in Western Pennsylvania.”  May 4, 2012. <


  1. oh Sandy...i just wish that this weren't true. it is hard to believe that someone could be this cruel. your last paragraph is beautiful and no words could convey better how awful this is. i, too, pray that justice will be served. my prayers are with all of the Native North Americans that will be attending the Pow Wow - this will certainly hurt their hearts and spirits. this is hurting my heart and spirit as i know it is hurting yours.

    your friend,

  2. Kymber, Several law enforcement agencies are investigating this crime. It is a shame people can be so cruel.

  3. Oh my goodness glory...I truly worry about our society!!! My heart dropped when I read this.

    Although we've never had anything so rare we've had cattle shot in their tracks from the road.

    We've had large calves shot with arrows from a tree above 'em. Why??? Not only are they our livelihood, they are livin' creatures. Senseless acts!

    I pray they find the culprits and skin 'em alive! Well, not literally but punish 'em to the max!!!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a beautiful weekend!!! :o)

  4. This is so horrible and sacrilegious. Truly a hate crime. Why do people have to be so awful? This has escaped our news reports up north.

  5. Nezzy and Mrs. Mac,

    We need to worry about our society. This was horrible and sacrilegious, a hate crime.
    Thank you for responding.

  6. This is so upsetting and it still haunting me. I know this may not be politically correct, but why not clone another from the remains. It is possible and could possibly ease the pain a little and arouse public support to prevent horrific crimes like this from happening in the USA.