Sunday, May 14, 2017

*****Winner Announced*****

The winner of the spice packets; Caribbean Fruit Salsa, Salsa Mix, Sweet and Tangy Bread and Butter Pickle Mix, and Dill Pickle Mix for canning from Ball and McCormick is:


The winner has until Thursday, May 18, 2017; to respond to me with their mailing address. 

If the winner does not respond by 11:59 PM on May 18, 2017; I will have no choice but to select another winner.

Susan, e-i-e-i-omg Blog, please e-mail me your mailing address.

My E-mail is:


  1. Wa-hoo! Susan is a gourmet cook extraordinaire and I know will appreciate and use this gift. Thanks for offering it, Sandy.

    P.S. Good job, Beans!

  2. congratulations to Susan....she is such a nice lady! and that Little Beans is some cute too!

    sending love to you all as always, my Sweet Sandy! your friend,

  3. Wahoo! Beans must have gotten the mind-meld I was sending him...the cutie. Thank you, Sandy!

  4. Sandy's back to her giveaways! You always do the best ones. Congrats to Susan! I've never seen those nifty spice packets. Pretty neat.

  5. I like the little dog announcing the winner. That's a great touch!

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