Monday, July 6, 2015

Saffron With Flaming Crimson Streaks

This afternoon the sun was out and it was pretty outside, the only thing that wasn’t too nice; it was humid outside.  No complaints. I drove out the tractor and pulled out the push mower from the garage and decided to go ahead and cut all the grass, before the rains move in late this evening.
I even started to weed whack around the edges of our place until I ran the weed whacker over the tip of my right foot, hitting my toes.  I was wearing tennis shoes, and that nylon cord hit the very tip of my big toe and I saw stars……that’s when I gave up weed whacking and moved on to cleaning the wet grass from the tractor before putting it back into the garage. 

My tomato plants have all kinds of blossoms, approximately 50, and about 18 tomatoes of mixed varieties (Pink Brandy Wine, Sunrise Bumblebee, Amish Paste, and Yellow Pear) waiting to change color.

This evening, I went out to check on my garden and noticed two Sunrise Bumblebee tomatoes ready for harvest.    These tomatoes are firm, crack resistant, and organic.  The size of this type of tomato is a little larger than a cherry tomato.  It’s gold saffron in color, with a flaming crimson streaks running through. 

Aren’t these beautiful looking tomatoes?  I just love the coloring!!!  This is my first year growing these types of tomatoes.

My sunflowers are now showing buds, and are standing approximately 6 feet tall. 
Excuse my fat hand holding the bud.

Here’s one of several tomatillos I decided to grow, for the first time, this year.  I’m waiting patiently for fruit to appear.

I have a small batch of asparagus growing, and pieces bolting.  I’ll harvest several of these spears and eat them for a late night snack.

This year I’ve planted 5 tires of mixed summer squash seeds, and the darn squash bugs have already appeared on the leaves.  I’ve pulled plenty of them off, killed them, and sprayed the plants with my alcohol, water, Dawn soap mixture. 

That seems to be working well, as long as I go out after the rain and reapply the solution.

Only one celery plant survived all the rain and bugs.  I’ll be harvesting from it in the next couple of days.  The plant looks pretty healthy, and I’m saving all organic celery ends purchased from the farmers market so I can grow roots, then plant those babies in my garden.

Last month I came across this beautiful multicolored yarn.  The mistake I made: I only purchased 1 skein.  So instead of making a nice scarf, I went ahead and made 3 more dish cloths to add to my stash. 

Now that I’ve started to crochet to relax in my spare time, I need to find a place where I can buy some really good quality yarn, at a reasonable price. 

Last year, just before winter time, Bulldog Man and I went to an estate sale.  We came across several items, one of which was a windmill.  I’ve always wanted one, but refuse to pay the money they want for them in the store.

Anyway, back to the windmill we found at the estate sale.

Anyway, back to the windmill we found at the estate sale.  It needed cleaning, a new bearing, a little straightening, new hardware (screws, and nuts) and a new paint job.  The price was right; $6.00, so I snatched it up.  

When it stopped raining, I pulled all the screws and nuts out of the windmill, started sanding pieces (finished about 9 pieces) in preparation for a good wipe down, and painting, and had to stop because it started raining. I can see this is going to be a slow process because we’re expecting more rain, and I’m working on the windmill in my spare time.

After everything’s complete, I’ll have the windmill I wanted for my garden painted in John Deere green and yellow paint.
As I continue the process, I will take pictures and talk about my progress.   

Have you been paying attention to what’s happening in Greece?  Some of the conversation we’ve been hearing via news sources is the Greek government is contemplating using a percentage of every one’s personal bank account money to help keep the country afloat. 

Just think this could happen here……………are you prepared???

Bank Picture Source: PrimaNews.Org


  1. Those are pretty tomatoes. I have never had good luck growing Tomotillos so I finally gave up on them a couple years back.

    I have often thought about buying a country looking yard ornament myself from time to time :)

    As for Greece it will happen here eventually once the foreign markets stop taking dollars.

    1. PP,

      This is the first time growing these Sunrise Bumblebee's, they're pretty. Can't wait to see how they taste. As for the tomatillos I'm hoping they produce something so I can use them in making my salsa.

      I've always wanted a windmill but refuse to pay the prices places want for them. I'm very frugal with our money, and paying over $100 dollars for what you call a "yard ornament" won't happen. Now $6.00 and some work, I'll take it.

      Yes PP, it will eventually happen's just a matter of time.

  2. Great showing in the garden.

    We are up the creek, it's only a matter of time.

    1. Gail,


      So true we all are up the creek......unless of course you prepare and keep most of your money away from the bank. Put it toward your farm, homestead, gardens, farm animals, preparations, security, food, water,first aid, bartering tools, silver, gold, ect......

  3. I have to agree with Gail. We are up a creek. We are doing what we can to be ready, but I don't really think any of us can be ready. Great garden news, Sandy. I hope it keeps producing well for you.


    1. Fern and Frank,
      Yes, Gail is right!!!
      All we can do is keep doing what we know best, and that means making sure our families can stand on their own two feet when the SHTF.

  4. Kudos to you for your perseverance in the garden.....I do not have the patience nor the energy. I seem to be very intolerant in my old age 😤. Not sure just yet on how to switch back to myself. Gotta try harder! Can't have you doing all the creative stuff in the family 😆 you keep making me look like an underachiever! Those tomatoes look really good, I am happy to test eat them for ya. Along with the asparagus and squash....does it count if I went to the store and purchased a really yummy looking spaghetti squash? Loved the quilt you made for BDM, you seem to be getting quite good at this crocheting....dang what's a younger sis got left to out do you with? 😬😇 love ya!

    1. Kim,

      One must always have perseverance otherwise, you won't get where you want to be in life. You have the patience and energy however, right now it's been.... how can I say it......sucked out of you and I know why and won't go into that here. You're exhausted, and in time the situation will change for both of us. I only pray in a good way. Girlie, you're a very creative person, and have never been an stop talking like that!!!!
      The tomatoes do look amazing, this is my first time trying to grow them. Can't wait to see what they taste like. If I sent them to you via our mail system they probably would be all damaged by the time you received them. And with all the stuff going on here, it's impossible right now to get down that way. So how about I eat them, and tell you about them, LOL!!!!!!
      Buying the squash from the store counts however, it may not taste as good as organically home grown. How did you prepare your spaghetti squash Kim?
      Thanks kiddo, that quilt I made BDM was the very first major item I crocheted. You can say I'm no long a beginner with crocheting, and have moved to the moderate stage :-)
      There are many things you do so much better than I do, like sewing on the sewing machine!!!! Keep you chin up, and your boots solid on the ground!!!! Love you!!!

    2. I am having hard time finding something I enjoy doing in the evenings. Wish I found something that held my interest.....after working I all day the computer just isn't tolerable for fun, can't remember last truly good book I've read and I haven't been able to try my hand at cooking something new lately. Think I am in a rut. Went to the neighbors for BBQ Wednesday. We had good time talking and catching up. They did so much cooking could have fed the whole town. Really good grilling steaks, sausages, ribs and some really good shush kabobs and all the fixings. Needless to say we left stuffed and with extras for dinner tonight. The turtle cheesecake I brought was a hit. Good time was had by all. Haven't made the squash yet, tomorrow I will roast it, scoop out the spaghetti, toss with some brown butter and Parmesan cheese with a pork loin and baby greens. You go ahead and eat those sweet tomatoes and tell me how good they were BRAT! :) I think my boots are solid on the ground, just gotta get my feet in them! Love ya too.

  5. You scored that windmill for $6.00? WOW! I think I'd drive to another state for that deal, ha. I need to keep an eye out for one. We want one at the farm and while I suppose I could buy new, I hear that they are a bear to put together. I'll keep my eyes out now.

    Those tomatoes are so pretty. They look like pieces of fruit (well I guess 'technically'....ha).

    Greece, yep, watching all that and keeping that in the back of our heads as we plan.

    Have a great week!

    1. 1st Man,
      I know I scored on that windmill because I've been continuously looking, and refuse to pay those prices in the stores for them. I would never pay over $100 dollars for a windmill when I can find a used one needing some TLC for $6.00.

      My secret on taking this windmill apart, take pictures in stages of the windmill sections. Then sketch out the windmill on paper, measuring each piece making sure to document the sizes, and locations where they attach on the windmill. I'll make sure to post my sketch and pictures when I make my post on my completed windmill.

      The Sunrise Bumblebee tomatoes are gorgeous, and you can call the tomatoes pieces of fruit........

      Yes, we need to keep Greece in the back of our heads, and continue to watch our economy.

      Thanks, you too!!!

  6. Good to see you're busy enough to stay out of trouble! Your garden produce is looking good . . . I would cut those beautiful tomatoes in half, add a little salt and pop them into my mouth!

    Did you hear my audible gasp when I read of your weed whacking adventure? Bad girl, bad girl. Always put on boots for protection when using one of those needed but so dangerous things.

    The situation in Greece . . . PioneerPreppy is right. It will happen here. Guess we'd better take our millions (hahahaha!) out of the bank!

    1. Mama Pea,

      Me stay out of trouble...........NEVER!!!! :-)

      Oh yes, those tomatoes will disappear relatively fast......I would even put a little olive oil on them with the salt and pepper......

      I did hear your audible gasp when the weed whacker strip hit the tip of my toes. it was just a quick stinging shock, no damage or evidence of blood. I should have worn my steal toed boots but didn't because it was so hot out. No excuses right!!!! I will have you know I always wear my safety glasses when weed whacking. :-)

      PP is right, it's just a matter of time. I would leave only a minimum amount of money in the bank this way when it happens the hit won't be painful.....
      We all have millions, hehehehehehehee!

  7. hey you - Mama Pea is right! make sure to wear your workboots from now on - i mean it!

    Sweet Sandy - those tomatoes are beautiful! now hurry up and eat them and let us know how they taste! i am sure they will be delicious! your garden is looking great and you sure are a workhorse! that windmill was a steal and you and jam do the same thing when taking stuff apart - take pics and draw diagrams!

    anyway, as for Greece - i really feel for them. i truly hope it doesn't happen here for several more years - that will give us all plenty of time to keep adding to our preps.

    sending much love as always! your friend,

  8. Sweet Kymber,
    I just need to take breaks from holding that darn weed whacker, it's one heavy booger. My arms get tired after doing the weed whacking for a while.

    Yes, I am a workhorse, I need to learn how to's hard!!!! Girlie that's the secret to making sure things go back together the same way they came apart..............taking pictures and drawing diagrams.

    We can only pray it doesn't happen here for several years but we have a strange feeling it's going to happen sooner than we think.

    Sending love and hugs to you and Jam.
    Your friend,

  9. Those are the most gorgeous tomatoes EVER! Sounds like you have been getting spots of rain like we have - we are still green here which is incredibly unusual...

    Everytime I hear the word "Greece" all I can think of is those wonderfully addicting gyro sandwiches with the cuc sauce...sigh. Whether or not a government falls apart, I think we can all agree we should always try to be as prepared as we can be :)

    1. Janice,
      Aren't they!!! All kinds of rain, to the point areas were flooded.

      Girl, I love gyro's.......they don't love me though :-(
      Yes, we always must try to be prepared for anything.

  10. I just get so excited reading your blog! We should have ripe tomatoes any day now! My first year planting celery and it is almost ready. The tomatillos are so healthy and productive this year also. I planted both green and yellow. This is such a great month!

    1. Michaele,

      Thank you!!!! What type of tomatoes did you plant?
      I'm so happy you harvested your celery :-0
      This is a first for growing tomatillo's here, I hope they produce so nice looking vegetables. Silly thing, I can't remember if they're green or yellow, LOL......

  11. Those are beautiful tomatoes! I have never heard of them. Your garden is so far ahead of mine - we just seem to get gray, wet days, days on end. If it doesn't warm up soon, I'm thinking my tomatoes may give up. I tried tomatillos for the first time, too. I love them!

    1. Susan,

      They're gorgeous looking tomatoes, and they taste really good.
      My garden was ahead that was until the massive rain we received. I've had to replant most everything more than once.

      I hope your tomatillos produce for you, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for mine. I'll send you some of our warm weather, it's finally stopped raining....and the sun is out. Temperatures are close to 100 right now!!!

  12. Everything in your garden looks beautiful. Sounds like things are doing well after all that rain.

    1. Leigh,

      Thank you Leigh!!! Still having some issues because of the rain.
      I hope to turn around the garden now.....keep your fingers crossed we don't get as much rain as before :-)