Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Has Anyone Seen Noah?

I just wanted to update everyone that we are okay here in central Oklahoma.

We had some excitement with tornadoes, rain, hail, winds, and flooding the past two weeks.  As I type this post, we’re under another flood warning, the rain is coming down like cats and dogs with all kinds of thunder and lightning. Expected wind gusts of 60 mph, with the potential of hail.  As the house shakes from the thunder, I’m happy we’re not under a tornado watch or warning as of right now. 

Hold for a minute………….
Crap, I spoke too early; our weather radios are screaming, we’re now under a tornado warning. There’s an area of rotation (hook) over the top of Purcell, and Lexington, and I am totally weather aware while typing this post.  In fact, my linen closet has my bug out bag, food, water, medical bag, security, ham radio, weather radio, and animal preps just in case I need to run for safety.

Okay, since the storm is south of us, I’m going to continue on with my post. 

Now, what was I saying……oh yes, several of you had asked if we were okay?  We all are okay; we did receive damage from winds, hail, rain, and flooding.  Our damage was mostly in the garden and on the property.  I’m okay with garden/property damage because no one in my family was injured from the storms.  Remember the quote, “Life is more precious than material things”.  Well that’s my thought!!!  I can replace things, but can’t replace family or friends.

I’ve started pulling destroyed vegetables and placing them in my compost pile.  My plans are to replant seeds, and seedlings, in the next couple of weeks, after these heavy rains subside.   
Pulling the messed up lettuce.

Bed cleared, I will replant in a couple of weeks.
I’ll need to replant lettuce, and some tomato seeds/seedlings.  My green beans received too much water; causing them to yellow and some leaves were also shredded. 

The onions continue to thrive, however; the tops (the stuff we use for green onions) were destroyed from the winds.  My strawberry plants have flooded; I’m still trying to baby them back to life. 

The cucumber leaves on the seedlings were beat up pretty bad, but the seedlings are continuing to grow.

I have water just sitting in the garden; it looks like a miniature lake.  Eventually it will absorb into the ground.

With all of this water, the bugs have come out, and they've started eating on my potatoes and purple cabbage leaves, celery, and green bean plants.  I continue to spray these vegetables with a homemade concoction to prevent the bugs from eating everything in sight.  Each time I spray the rain washes it away.  Requiring me to continuously spray these vegetables, my goal……not to let the bugs win!!!

The rain has even fed trees growing from under the metal fence.  Bulldog Man and I will have to cut these down when the rain stops and place salt along the fence line to kill off the plant and maybe the roots.

Updates on items in the garden which continue to grow:
A couple of tomato plants didn't get broken up, they’re now showing blossoms, I may just get some tomatoes after all.

Even though the green bean leaves are turning yellow, and are full of bites from bugs, they’re producing little flowering blossoms.

The cabbage plants have little bites on the outside leaves; however, they’re producing new leaves which tell me they've taken off pretty good.

I had picked up an Apple Mint plant, from Atwoods Ranch store, over a month ago, and this thing has taken off.  It seems to really like the little plastic pot it’s potted in.  This particular plant will take over your garden unless you confine it in a pot.  The Apple Mint or mint plants in general have several medicinal uses.    They help ease headaches/migraines, fevers, and sore throats.

My jalapeno and California peppers are all doing pretty well, because they’re in 5 gallon buckets under the canopy on the porch.

I recently started learning how to crochet through You Tube, and made several dish cloths, a toilet paper roll cover, and now a camouflaged afghan for Bulldog Man.    I might as well learn now with all this rain, I can’t work outside on the property or in my garden. 

Monday was the only day we had no rain, the sun came out, and Bulldog Man and I took in a baseball game in the big city.  Iowa vs. Oklahoma, Iowa won.  It was nice to just get out of the house and away from the water for one night.

Anyone need some rain?? 


  1. I know how you feel Sandy. This year we are getting spared most of the heavy rain but being constantly rained out is one of the most frustrating things about Spring in the middle of the country I think.

    You need to take up spinning and knitting wool. I can send ya some you know :)

    1. PP,

      It is very frustrating, this is the first year we've had this much rain in May.

      I would love to take up spinning and knitting wool, maybe one day soon :-)
      When I do, I'll contact you.....thanks my friend.

  2. These Spring rains have been crazy this year. I've never seen it so bad in so many places...and it's just constant. I hope things calm down for you and the rest of us. I'm kind of glad I didn't attempt the garden this season, it would have been so frustrating, ha. Of course, I still can't plant color like I planned so I'm frustrated there too, ha.

    Hang in there, about July/August we'll be going "remember when....."

    1. 1st Man,

      And it keeps on raining!!!! We weren't expecting this month rain in May. If I would have known we're going to get this much rain, I would have waited to plant. Don't give upon planting color, you still maybe able to plant.

      Come July/August we all will be reminiscing about the weather :-)

  3. Well, if you get sucked up into the sky like Dorothy try to land here in North Georgia. I'll fire a flare for you.

    1. Harry,

      I'll be watching for your flare, lol!!!!
      Hopefully, there won't be any large tornadoes.

  4. Yes! Please send some this way.... but no tornadoes please! Here in South Carolina, we're experiencing above normal temps consistently at 88-90 degrees with no rain. We're now under our average rainfall for the year. All my cooler weather plants bolted early, with exception to the kale surprisingly. Soooo very glad ya'll are okay from those horrible storms recently. A ball game sounds fun!

    1. Lisa,
      I would love to ship you some right now :-) ..........okay I won't ship tornadoes.....just water :-)

      88-90 degree's already ? I can totally understand why you would want some rain.

      Thank you for your kind words, I'm very thankful everyone in my family was okay going through these storms.

      The ball game was all kinds of fun. The one and only day without storms, it was nice to relax and not stress.

  5. Seems that wherever we live in this country, we're having our challenges with the weather this season. So glad to hear you all are staying safe and remaining tough. It's necessary!

    Despite all, parts of your garden still look good. Hang in there, and I'm sure you'll get good food out of it yet.

    Looks as though you're quickly becoming a pro with the crochet hook! All of your things are looking really good. Love seeing the pictures.

    1. Mama Pea,

      I will say the weather has be off the wall across this country. Thank you for your kind words, it is necessary to remain strong and safe going through this type of weather.

      I'm hanging.....LOL!!!! Can't wait to see what type of harvest will come out of this garden this year. When the rain stops, I'll be replanting with attitude :P

      No....not a pro with the crochet hook. Although, I am really enjoying being creative with crocheting. It keeps me out of trouble :-)

  6. It rains here today again.

    Glad it has been no worse than it has.

    Have a wonderful safe day.

    1. Gail,

      It poured all night, plenty of flooding in town and on the out skirts.

      You and me both!!!
      You too my friend :-)

  7. Why, yes. I'll take some of that rain! But you can keep the tornadoes, high winds and hail... Seems like no matter where you are in this country, there is something radical going on, weather-wise. We are facing another frost threat, with one more to come. Glad you are okay, as I was going to send you a canoe....

    1. Susan,

      Shipping rain your way :-) You only want SOME......and don't want tornadoes!!! I try to make sure no tornadoes are shipped with the rain. The weather has truly been off the wall across this country. I wonder if this is God's way of cleansing the world?? More frost,darn.......I hope you're able to cover up your garden to prevent damage to your plants. Please send that canoe, we need some other means of transportation.

  8. Sweet Sandy - i honestly don't know how you live through all of those storms and tornadoes!!! i have never been in a tornadoe (PTL!) and i imagine how scary it must be! i am just glad that you are as well-prepared as you are!!! as for your poor garden - so sorry! we had a torrential pile of rain last spring for 4 straight days - right after i planted my carrot seeds - not good! we found volunteer carrots all over the yard and all the way down to the river - just none in the actual bed they were planted in! the veg you were able to save look great and i hope you will be able to get and re-plant soon! i want to learn to crochet as well - your washcloth, tproll cover and afghan look beautiful! i am sending much love and doing an inverse rain dance for you!

    your friend,