Friday, September 14, 2012

In Remembrance


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    1. Amen! Rone was a friend of my husbands in the service.

  2. Although time has passed, Joe still suffers greatly. He immediately gathered four of his firemen together and they were welcomed into NY where they dug day and night on the pile of rubble, looking for survivors who were turned into dust. He's never recovered emotionally from the horror.

    1. 9/11 was very hard on many working to help survivors, recover lost loved ones, securing our borders, and helping on the front line (military, law enforcement and fire/rescue).

    2. There's now been 7 new cancers associated with the men who dug through the dust of asbestos and dead bodies and NY was following Joe closely and were taking full responsibility for any medical bills Joe might incur regarding associated illnesses, But, you want to know what he did? HE SIGNED A RELEASE!!! He said he didn't deserve it because he went of his free will.

      When I think of what he did, I could mess him up.

    3. I just got back to the computer and published your comment.